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The Canadian Rockies offer some of the best paddling in Western Canada, often overlooked for the much more publicized west coast of BC. I have grown up paddling in the Rockies and they continue to surprise and exceed expectations bacuase each year I manage to get on new world class runs. Last year it was the Yoho river which quickly became my favorite, within a week of my first run I had already completed another four runs. The last of these runs took us only 35 minutes to paddle the 7km class 4-5 canyon, it was all smiles the whole way down. The run is non-stop action from start to finish, no portaging, no scouting, just paddling. The biggest vertical drop is a mere 6 feet but the continuous nature keeps the run exciting enough to appease the biggest adrenaline junkies or you can take it a little slower and enjoy the scenery including the 300 meter high Takakkaw falls or the 200 foot vertical canyon walls.

The big glaciers in the Rockies keep this run flowing well into September on a warm day extending the paddling season right up until the ice returns to the river bed in October. The long season, the scenery, the great boating, the big waterfalls and the exploratory runs keep me coming back to the Rockies year after year.

Here is a quick video from my 2009 paddling season in the Rockies.

Canadian Rockies 2009 from Mikkel St.Jean-Duncan on Vimeo.

Cameron Creek is one run in the Rockies that I have only managed to do once but I hope to get back to it this year.

Thanks to Shon Cottrill for the photo

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