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Teva mountain games kicked off on Thursday with Steep creek championships on the Homestake creek. 55 best kayakers from all over the world come every year to show their skills on manky class V whitewater. In the first run I was 9th, so I tried really hard in second run. Unfortunatelly, at the bottom section I lost few seconds not being on the fastest line. That meant 11th place overall. Sam Sutton from New Zealand won the race. Good job kiwi!

Here is a headcam video from my second run followed by Adam Mills Elliots picture
of me from the very last drop.

Going for a boof on the last drop of the race section

On Friday was scheduled freestyle kayaking event. I stopped playboating and competing at freestyle like two years ago. Only do it for fun every now and then when I can borrow playboat. So it was really surprising that I made it to the semifinals. Though I didnt make the cut into finals and took 10th place. Finals won by Dustin Urban, Buena Vista local. Casper Van Kalmthout took a great 3rd place followed by another team member Bryan Krik.

Freestyle feature - Dustin Urban looping huge

On Saturday, the kayak events started off with the 4 mile downriver sprint. A big advantage in this race is having a long boat. I ended up racing a Perception Piruette, which is not bad because I had no long boat to race in until 20 minutes before the race. The winner of this race is Mike Dawson (again from New Zealand.) I took 8th place out of 65 competitors.

4 miles long downriver race

On Sunday, there was suppose to be a full contact 8-ball race and raft cross. Due to really really high water here in Colorado all whitewater event got cancelled. The creek was the highest it has been in 20 years. That was a big bummer we had to accept and hang out in Vail for a day. But it gave us the chance to check out other events like climbing world cup, mountain bike slopestyle and flyfishing.

It was great time hanging out here in Vail, located at 8,300 feet (2600m) in the Rocky Mountains. I raced in all kayak events, paddled hard in all of them and made top 10. For next several weeks, I am gonna work as a safety kayaker on the rivers out here in Colorado, getting paid to go kayaking, shooting pictures, filming, running the high water and looking for first descents all around the place.

Stay tuned!

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