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After and epic few day and mid summer night in Trollfors we started on the creeking adventures. We headed toward the Norway Sweden border in search of a few rarely paddled rivers and perhaps a first descent or two.
During our drive we caught a glimpse of a nice looking drop just off the road
and after pulling over to check it out it looked good. We then referred to our
trusty maps to find that a small dirt road ran near the river to the lake 4kms
downstream to where the river emptied into it. Perfect. A short shuttle and a
new adventure. Later we would learn from some research that this short creek
was named ‘Umnas River’ or at least that is what we have named it.

This short little run turned out to be quite epic with a ton more whitewater and drop in elevation that we expected. There we nice slides (with chunky rock) and one of which located in the middle of the run was a
three-stage 100 meter long beauty. We also enjoyed numerous small boofs, a few
very tight and technical lines, an absolutely perfect twisting 8 meter drop,
and the final drop was a sweet 6 meter waterfall. After a short walk back to
the van we were packed up and on route into the snow covered mountains and our next

Of course the next epic adventure will be posted soon so stay tuned.

The Rig on the road

TC in the first drop

TC rapid number 2

Between drops

The Corner rapid

Logan Grayling splitting the undercuts..

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