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A little insight in to what motivates team Wavesport paddler - Tanya Faux

The majority of my motivation is intrinsic. I draw from the past kinetic feelings and achievement. Kinetic feeling’s such as surfing a wave or running a class five rapid and reaching the point of Flow! - Flow is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity

Achievement motivation draws on primarily the enjoyment of “flow” and competition helps draws my focus. There is also such a great positive feeling after a success. So yes, winning is a motivation, but also if I have achieved “flow” during an event I still have achievement and success, even if I didn’t win.

“Flow” and the river are so directly related. When paddling I love the feeling of being at one with the wave or on top of the water “flowing” while running the intense class 5. “The river is in flow” I often say, to reach my correct arousal point. My quote to “firer it up”!

Get off the couch get into the gym train, prepare, prepare. Sort of like when you are hungry, you become motivated to make something and eat it. It is like I become hungry for the feeling of kayaking.

That bring me to the point on why I love WAVESPORT KAYAKS. If the most of my motivation comes from the “Kinetic feeling”, I want to paddle kayaks that feel amazing on the river and create “flow with the river”, that work freely with the water, bonding and releasing when they should, feeling effortless, dancing, guiding.

Robert Person the WAVESPORT DISGNER has done just that. The Project 45 feels like it dances on waves, never bogged down or slow, never sticky, never has that feeling of “I can’t get it to bounce”. The Habitat 74, sits on top of the water, guiding and responding, never tripping.

And… I can’t wait to try the new Project 54 Xc

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