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IMPROVISE SHORT FILM - Paddling in Colorado

Photo: Stephen Forster    Paddler: Chris Wing   Location: Cross Mountain of the Yampa

Being sidelined with an injury I finally got caught up with about 3-4 hours of Colorado footage this fall.  I'm pretty nit picky when it comes to video edits I do and this one was no different.  One thing you won't find here are brown claws, hot tubs, gratuitous drinking, etc.  I like to portray kayaking how it makes me feel and I like to think about 20-30 years down the road I can re-watch these and get the feel of what it was for me now. (Video at bottom)

Photo: Joe Ravenna   Paddler: Chris Wing  Location: Poudre Narrows

The video was shot all over CO from mid-May thru mid-June.  In reality we were a bit early for many of the classic runs.  They were either too low, snowed in, or richter high.  We had to think outside of our original trip plan and improvise a new one as we went along.  We started our trip up in the Poudre watershed getting warmed up on the ultra-classic Poudre Narrows section.  We then went dead west over to the Steamboat Springs area which was never our intent at all.  However, while we were there we met up with others and paddled Cross Mountain of the Yampa a class V big water section seldom heard about.  The boys also missioned and got an ultra high Slater Creek where Stephen Forster was the only one to buck up and run AC Slater Falls, a 20 foot slide into 30 footer with an ill placed flake.  Needless to say, he slayed it.

Photo: Joe Ravenna   Paddler: Stephen Forster   Location: AC Slater Falls

On a side note, this was the first and only time I got to paddle with Stephen before his ill-timed death this pat year on the NF of the Payette.  I just want to say it was a pleasure to get to paddle with him during this brief time and he exhibited a cautious yet hungry approach to his river running. I would have easily paddled with him again. Stephen will be missed.

Photo: Chris Wing


From there we head to the front Range and hit some of the classics including a high water 3 days at Glenwood, Gilman Gorge, North Fork of the South Platte (Bailey) and even a little Clear Creek of the Arkansas to round out our trip at the end.  The video covers only half of the rivers we paddled as we had the chance to explore Colorado for a full 3 weeks.  Once again hope you enjoy the video! 





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