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After some epic surfing on the Ottawa River it was time to head for Norway.

This will be my 5th season in Norway and every year seems to get better and better. My time in Norway will be spent on the water kayaking every day possible. My focus for the beginning of the Norwegian
Paddling season will be playboating. There are tons of great features all over
Norway and I plan to surf them all.

Over the past week I ventured to Sweden to check out a few spots and there seems to be good water levels everywhere…With a few pit stops along the way I eventually landed in Umeå and was stoked to find the local
playspot Rödå. A sweet little spot to work on some big loops and mcnasties..

After a few sessions and a great visit I headed back to Norway and the freestyle capital of Norway Kongsberg. I spent a few days surfing with the Youngboaters in the local spots before heading to Sarpsborg in
the south. Sarpsborg is a wave that only shows up when the Gloma River hits
flood levels. This wave that looks more like a hole is a powerful beast with a
shoulder to entertain some good beat downs. At the flow I was there the
shoulder was pitching into the meat and also created a good tube to tuck into.
After 3 sessions in a day I was truly exhausted.

I was then on my way to catch a session at Norway’s famous Skjaak wave before gearing up and heading to Plattling and the World Cup.

are a few images from the tour..

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Comment by Bartw on May 31, 2010 at 12:36pm
Nice pictures, especialy the one IN the wave!

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