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Over the weekend I got to participate in an awesome event and take-out a short walk from my house. The American River Festival made a great reason for paddlers to get together as the season winds down and a great party to celebrate what a good season it has been. Half-way through, the generator ran out of gas, and the awesome raggae band was reduced to the acoustics of the drummer, feverishly trying to keep the party alive while roadies scrambled to re-electrify the rest of the band. About this time, there was an interruption in the beer supply due to critical pressure loss in the kegs. While the soft-core wheedled away, the band and the committed party-goers stood strong. When everything went back online, the die-hard, year-round, true people had a proper good time.

Oh yeah, earlier in the day, there was a kayaking rodeo at the 1st threat wave with a nice extra bit of water.

Kim Russell took 2nd in Women's, not bad having not seen the wave before.

I took 3rd in the Men's. I was stoked since the last time I was in a rodeo, I swam.
(not joking, 2004, Wausau, Wisconsin)

The next day a group of us went and rallied the South Feather, since I pointed out to Kim and Jesse that they would otherwise have to lamely explain to their NW friends that they went all the way to Cali without going creeking.

Kim Russell went creeking in Cali.

Justin Patt makes the rest of us look cool for hanging out with him. PS if you call this drop a 30 footer, you must cheat on your taxes. Conclusion: a lot of people cheat on their taxes.

After kayaking, pink beverages are the most refreshing. I busted up laughing when these were passed around. Then I drank one. Photo: Jesse Becker/ zoolander.

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