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While New River Academy was at the Rio Claro, we had a special opportunity to teach a group of Chilean high school students how to roll. This was definitely something totally different. All of us gathered up enough of our gear to outfit every kid for our clinic and we got together a bunch of our boats together too. Trying to explain all the steps in Spanish to the girl I was teaching was a challenging feat. But, our Spanish teacher was sitting on shore happily answering any questions we had on how to say certain Spanish words. Some students even got their Chilean kid rolling their kayak!
It was so cool trying to use every little bit of Spanish I know to clearly explain to her on what to do. She was definitely nervous about the whole being underwater thing so we started with just flipping over and being able to exit the boat. Then, we moved onto her leaning against me and working on her hip snap. She really liked that and my translation of hip snap. All I could think of was ‘cadera’ meaning hip in Spanish and still using the word snap which is conveniently was the same in Spanish making her easily understand what I was trying to get across. After that I taught her how to use the C to C method showing her where to move her hands. Then we began to work on it underwater with me helping her place her hands in the right spot for it so she could try to roll up. This is where she struggled a little bit but didn’t we all when we were learning. In the end, she said she enjoyed the whole experience very much and gave me a big hug before they all had to leave.



All Photo Credit To: Zoe Ross

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Comment by Chris Wing on January 7, 2011 at 10:59pm
Awesome job Tay, you're on your way to becoming a great coach!

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