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Hell Or High Water

Hey everyone, here is the teaser of what i have been up to the past few months down in chile!!! it will be a 10 episode Tv show, airing online this spring!!!

Check it out!!


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Cascada Bonito

After a long stint down in Patagonia, we ( the blue balls crew) started heading North, Back to Pucon. After getting another round in on the Rio Manso just south of Barriloche, we decided it was time to head home. The whole crew had planned to fly out with in the next week and we needed to organize our shit… After a cold wet night outside of Barriloche, we rallied early to hit the border crossing. About 2 hours into the drive, we crossed the Rio Bonito. As I looked up, Evan was looking…


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Rio Florine, Chile

In the Lago Ranco area of Chile, we find the Rio Florine! This was my first time hitting this definition of a class 5 river! As the Blue Balls Crew pulled up to the camp spot, Papa Garcia had the grill fired up and the meat on! After a sick Chilean Asado we found a bottle of pisco and decided we should have a few drinks! The camping zone offered natural hot springs and an amazing few of the stars.…


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Big and Roudy!

So i was going thru some old footage the other day and came across this old video my buddy made

I thaught i would share it with you guys. I hope it gets you all fired up as it does to me!!!!

Keep in mind that this video was made 5 years ago. It's cool to see how far ive come in kayaking since this.... Get ready for creeking season!!!! 

Yellow Boat, White water!!

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Looking back at Norway 2011

Hey everyone, i just put up a new post on my site(link below). Some reflections and pics from this year in Norway. Check it out:


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New Blog Updates

Hey everyone, Ive set up my own blog. There are a few new posts up from my past 5 weeks here in norway. We got on some epic shit! Check the link below!!! Enjoy


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northeen norway!!!

so i know this is a little late, but ive had computer issues and just got back from mexico to get it fixed!

my self and tyler curtis were up in northern sweden and norway this summer. we toured around for a few weeks, and belive me, we had our hands full!! if only we had more time. but such is life and just means we have to go back next year!

northern norway is the land of the living sun in the summer, it never sets. pretty wild putting on a river at 3 am and thinking its noon! never… Continue

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Stakeout is over, Norway Lives on

So Stakeout is now over. As I sit on the train in Norway I have time to think back. In total 8 swims, 4 broken paddles and endless good times with the boys. Our group this year was: Myself, Rush Sturges, Patrick Camblin, Rudy Rampage, Benny Marr, Dylan and Max Davidson, Joel Kawalski, Eric Boomer and the Dutchie Caspre Van Klamthout. A solid crew to say the leist. This year was a little different from previouse Stakeout…


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Low Water Ottawa

So here we are chillin on the ottawa, expecting to get mini bus, guess what, no water hahah. so tyler and myself have been finishing his house and boating everyday!!! loving life out here!!!
The weather has been beautiful and the water is warming up!! Off to quebec this week for Stakeout!!!
Check back in for more updates…


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chile Vid From my freind Juanjo!

a little video form chile that my freind Juanjo made! enjoy


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little update!

So I called my old friend Dylan Davidson up and he sayed i should head down to Enderby BC for the Shushwap Kayak Rodeo. So I Packed up the Tundra and the old lady and we headed out! Unfortunatly we arrived late but just in time for my heat. I was pretty tired after the 8 hour drive, so i geard up fast and chugged a beer, the headed for the ramp. Dylan told me a backflip was impossible, so natrualy i tried one. Stuck it. OH YEA. Won the ramp contest and ended up 5th in the Rodeo. Not a bad… Continue

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