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A few Project X images...

Here are a few pics of the new toy in action at Geek's Wave on the Gauley.

testing out the edges of the slick surf of the X.

one of many air loops. air is king.…


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A True Champion

Nordic Champion

The 2010 season has been more than good for me. I have enjoyed international trips, coaching, competing, river explorations, and over 150 days on the water so far. Every year seems to get better and better.

A huge highlight to my summer was claiming the title of…


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Gausta Sweetness

The Gem of Sweden...

After successfully running the Krutaa River we headed back to our lake shore camp and sadly packed everything up in order to move onto our next river. The next river on our ‘Hit List’ was the Sweden gem Gausta River.

This is the one creek that is the must paddle for all creekers heading to

Sweden. If you haven’t…


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The North Continues...

TC entering the goods

After completing a random pit stop and potential first descent of the Umnas River, our next stop was Lake Røssvatn and take-out for the Krutaa River. Our camp location turned out to be the most epic camp

location I have seen in a long while. The perfect place to spend July 1st



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Nordland Sweden

After and epic few day and mid summer night in Trollfors we started on the creeking adventures. We headed toward the Norway Sweden border in search of a few rarely paddled rivers and perhaps a first descent or two.

During our drive we caught a glimpse of a nice looking drop just off the road

and after pulling over to check it out it looked good. We…


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Trollfors, Sweden

With the biggest snow pack in Northern Norway and Sweden for the past few years, I simply had to head north and explore some epic whitewater!

The first stop was to head way north to Trollfors for midsummer night and some days of 24 hours of sun. It was my first trip to this area of Northern Sweden and…


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Freestyle in Scandanavia

After some epic surfing on the Ottawa River it was time to head for Norway.

This will be my 5th season in Norway and every year seems to get better and better. My time in Norway will be spent on the water kayaking every day possible. My focus for the beginning of the Norwegian

Paddling season will be playboating. There are tons of great features all over

Norway and I plan to surf them all.…


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Ottawa River Sessions -Garb

With days flying by and the Ottawa at prime low water levels the surf just kept on providing amazing sessions. As the water dropped lower I moved my surfing from the goods of McKoy’s to the famous Garb Wave. This thing

is so sweet! You can do every trick and with it being in my back yard I could

paddle two and three times a day!…


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Ottawa River Sessions

I am back on the Ottawa River chillin' in my house and enjoying…


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Ottawa River Sessions

I am back on the Ottawa River chillin' in my house and enjoying the warm weather and daily paddling. With little snow this winter and an early spring, the river level has been very low. We are all feeling a little lost without the legendary Bus Eater happening, but I am finding plenty of good surf and having great days on the water.
Just out my back door and around the corner I have been spending a few hours a day surfing the features of McKoy's Chute. Fun times and numerous BBQ afternoons…

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Salto Palguin...the big one!

Here it is. The stout 'brown' of Pucon Chile.

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Holiday Adventures...

To celebrate Xmas we decided to head north to get on a few runs, which I haven’t paddled for a few years! Our first pit stop was the Rio Laja. This short section of whitewater is pure gold. It is combat paddling at its finest with little to no eddies and a continuous gradient which is full of sticky pourovers. None stop action for 3-4kms. The greatest part about his river is that you can walk the shuttle in a quick 20min.

At this point it was starting to get late so we decided that it… Continue

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Chile...11 years in a row!

Chile –Freeboating and hucking upon arrival

It was the time of year again to pack up the paddling gear and jump a plane to the paddling paradise of Chile. It would be my 11th season in a row travelling to this amazing country and with my vast knowledge of rivers and recently released Guide Book ‘Whitewater Chile’ the possibilities for great whitewater was endless.

A large number of paddlers headed for Chile this winter and the rivers were relentless in delivering punishment. The swim… Continue

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Some Norway playboating in Skjaak.

Here are a few clips from one days of playboating at Norway's Skjaak Wave..

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Whitewater Chile

Hello Fellow Paddlers.

For those of you heading to Chile or perhaps are already there...you might want to consider making your trip to Chile much simpler by checking out the Guide Book..

Whitewater Chile.

Another option if you are short on time and don't want to deal with logistics check out www.whitewaterchile.com

See ya there..

Tyler Curtis…


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Cover Shot

Hey Fellow Paddlers..
Just wanted to share the hype. I just received my 5th cover shot of the season on European Canoe Kayak Magazine.
Super sweet. Thanks to Raphael Thiebaut for taking the photo and Ron Fischer for being captain of the duo kayak used to get the money shot!

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Body Positioning.

There are three body positions when kayaking. To move from one to the other is completely normal and once you progress toward the intermediate and advanced stages you will utilize this movement to aid in throwing your kayak around.

Body positioning in kayaking is like that of any other sporting activity. Without the proper positioning you will continue to struggle.

Think about it!

Neutral Position –this is the position that you want to spend the majority of your time in.… Continue

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Twelve Years with Wave Sport

In 1997, I received my first kayak as a ‘sponsored’ athlete. It was the recently released Wave Sport Kinetic and Godzilla…

Since that very first day paddling my new Wave Sport kayak I have paddled over 20 different models produced by Wave Sport…

Lazer, Descent, Frankenstein, Godzilla, Kinetic, Stubby, Foreplay, Score, X, Y, Z, XXX, EZ, Big EZ, Mutant, Ace Series, Transformer (T2), ZG, Project 52, Diesel, and Habitat to actually label them all! In case you DO NOT know the history of… Continue

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Posture in your kayak...

Posture is one of the key components to taking control of your kayak and getting to where you want to go in whitewater.

It is very instinctive to start wandering toward sitting back in your kayak when things get tough or a slight bit frightful.

The problems or negative affects with leaning back in your kayak are as follows:

Firstly, your stern edges are more likely to get caught by the whitewater (boils or seams) and force you to turn over.

Secondly, the bow edges of… Continue

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Norway Daze

It was another incredible successful year for our Norway Daze Program.. We once again upgraded our facility with new beds to only compliment our gourmet food, hot tub over looking the river, fire place, wide selection of kayaks, and of course world class guides...that's Mariann and myself!

If you have any interest in a trip to Norway feel free to contact us or check out www.norwaydaze.com

I will let the photos speak… Continue

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