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Quick and Dirty Gear Bag - An H2o Dreams Quicktip

I learned this quick whitewater gear tip haphazardly when I did not want to deal with putting wet/dirty gear back in my gear bag that was still full of other gear that had not yet been wet and smelly that day. Turns out when you paddle multiple times in a day you collect a plethora of gear to help stay motivated. I find my motivation dwindles when the thought of climbing into humid, fetid gear becomes a reality, but I digress.

One of the easiest ways to keep things separate until you…


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The Folly of Reaching for Perfect

I have been out teaching a lot lately and sometimes ideas crop up for articles, I was sitting in an eddy recently and giving some feedback and it surprises me the pressure paddlers will put on themselves to strive for perfection. Honestly, I think it is pretty rare to achieve perfection... read more on …


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I'M BACK!!!! A reflection on an injury and how it effects everything...

I just returned from the Ice Man Race in Columbia, SC and due to an injury this was only my second time in my boat since last August. I finished up in 8th with a solid time amongst a competitive field and it felt great to be back at it.…


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IMPROVISE SHORT FILM - Paddling in Colorado

Photo: Stephen Forster    Paddler: Chris Wing  …


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How to: Keeping the bow dry, boofing waves and holes

Every river runner should have at least a few advanced skills in their quiver that will help to manage their boat control in pushy currents.  Learning to boof waves and holes can be a critical piece to that equation and can be the difference to moving your boat where you want it or letting the river take control and…


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Summer @ the Park


Photo: Dave Leatherman

Teaching has always been my priority in my kayaking and this summer has been no different.…


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CHRONstruction - How to Boof

The dynamic duo are back at it again. This time with some stellar instruction on the coveted and extremely important boof. The crew meet with boofing expert from BIT (Boofing Institute of Technology) and teach him the true way to boof. Sit back, CHRONStruct, and enjoy!!



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Kayak CHRONstruction, next phase of kayak instruction


Sam Fulbright, partner in crime, and myself have been working hard on our next project for Chronicles of Gnarnia which will be an instructional segment to take your boating and personality traits to the next level.  If you thought we were absurd before, just wait.


CHRONstruction drops on…


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Warmups for Freestyle Paddling

Though these exercises are designed for freestyle paddlers in mind, these are exceptional ways to get warmed up in any boat.  This video tutuorial from H2o Dreams has that particular focus in mind.


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Soggy Southeast, A PFD, and Dialing in the X (VIDEO)

Anaconda, Raven Fork.  Photo: Vaughn Corum

It has been a good couple of weeks here in the Asheville/Charlotte region for me as I finally knocked off…


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The Latest and Greatest Chronicles of Gnarnia, "Better Than You."

That's right folks, we completed the movie and it is ready for you to view, you better have your action hats on!  




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I have had my Project X for a couple of weeks now and I had yet to get it out other than for some very mediocre surf in Charleston and some flatwater.  I had paddled the proto last fall quite a bit but I could not wait to get this freshie out on the water.

I spent the past weekend out paddling, the first real…


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The Chronicles of Gnarnia - Top 5 Green Race Crashes

The Chronicles of Gnarnia is here to save the day. Are you tired of how hardcore all of these webcast and paddling porn videos have become? Are you sick of superhero pirate music blaring every time someone drops over a waterfall? Not to mention all of that rap music. Every…


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Project X Loop

Just sharing a little teaser for some instructional film that I will be providing for the public soon, the X is not disappointing so far.  Check out the huge flat water loop, no over thruster, beach ball or anything.  It likes to pop!  More coming…


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Wavesport @ IceMan Race in Columbia, SC with Project X

IceMan Race 2010, Paddler: Chris Wing, Photo: Spencer Cooke Effort TV


Team Wavesport will be at…


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Season's End II and Photo Yearbook

Departing the old and into the new year with a bang! Paddler: Chris Wing, Photo: Kyle Irby


A few years back I concluded my season with a highlight reel aptly named "Season's End."  While traveling and…


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Green Race - 2010 Wrap Up

Race Day, photo: Christine Boush

I never get used to the feeling of the “what now?” syndrome I suffer from every year. Currently sitting at Lake Chatuge in Georgia with my good friend and training partner Brad McMillan, we are both jittery and restless trying to figure out what to do with ourselves.



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New Look to H2o Dreams

I figured since they turned the river off today, I would become a functioning member of society and actually get to some of my much needed website updates. I recently had my friend Trent Thibodeaux design a new logo for my business, which is sick by the way, and I would accompany it with a…

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P56X First Impressions, and Sizing Considerations

At first glance this boat looks exactly like it acts on the water; fast, loose, maneuverable on waves. The one thing I wasn't expecting was how well it would perform for me in holes.…


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Keep the Drive Alive! Preparing for Competition

Before you even prepare to compete you have to justify to yourself why you are even competing in the first place. A lot of this thought process will help you determine how you will go about your training and mental preparation for


For example, is it for fun? Or do you have the dogged determination to win it all? Do the two have to be separate?…


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