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Green Race 2013

 The Green race has been and probably will be one of the most highly regarded extreme races in kayaking. Located near Saluda North Carolina the Green falls into that category of rivers that has and will continue to produce amazing kayakers. Entering its 18th year The Green Race has grows and continues to grow year after year. This year with 156 racers and over a thousand spectators it is by far one of the greatest shows on earth.


 The weeks leading up to the Green…


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Little White Race. The best race in the world

On Sunday May 26th 60 kayakers races down the Little White Salmon and 30 of those 60 racers competed in the first ever Spirit Falls Slalom. In true Northwest fashion boaters from all over raced down 3 miles of continuous class five whitewater.  This was the 3rd annual Little white Race and the format was a little different this year. The 2 years before the race was a team race so you could set safety for each other the way you would if you where doing just a normal…


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Dirt Bag Living

The last 3 weeks has been quite the  whirl wind of van and dirt living, jamming gear and people into cars and having an amazing time. It started April 25th when my 2 roommates’, Russel Davies, Davis Gove and I drove to Pocatello Idaho to compete in the Black Canyon of the Bear Race. There was a three day schedule release on the class 4 section. The festival was a cool gathering of southeast Idaho and Utah boaters. The race was on Saturday and the sun was out and spirits where high. I came in…


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2012 Season

2012 Season

2012 was a big year in kayaking for me. It started out like any normal kayaking year…


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My trip to Chile for the Whitewater Grand prix didn't go as plan. After leaving Santiago I headed south to the Rio Gol Gol where the first event was going to be held. I arrived late with some other competitors and we got on the water the next day. Getting on the Gol Gol the next day was amazing. It is one of my favorite river that I have done in chile with all its 10 to 50 foot drops and the scenery. At the end of the run there is a 50-55 foot drop called Salto Del Indio. We all fired it up…


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Whitewater Grand Prix Training

Whitewater Grand Prix training



Words can’t describe the feeling when I learned I had been invited to the White water grand prix. I had traveled along and helped out with the first one when it was in Quebec, and it was there when I decided to make it my goal to try to get into the second one. When I learned that I had been invited to race the first thing that popped into my head was that I had to improve on my forward stroke. 


My home…


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Mexico Part 2

Mexico Part 2.



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Mexico Part 1


Mexico. I had seen the whitewater from this place for years in kayaking videos.  This year I got the chance to go to this epic place and experience its white water for myself. I arrived in Mexico City on October 2nd with a paddle bag, my backpack, and my kayak. After getting to the Bus station, which was no small feat due to the fact that I was dragging a loaded boat and spoke limited Spanish, I was on the bus headed to Tlapacoyon.


My first 2 weeks…


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Late summer and still boating

As September turns into October the days get colder, the trees and hills turn from a lush green to a bright gold, and the water drops out in the Great State of Jefferson.

The water usually leaves us around the end of July and then you can scrape down the runs with just enough flow for most of August. Then in September the water is basically gone unless it was a stellar snow pack, a huge rainstorm that brings flows up for a while, or sometimes there are dam releases. That’s what…


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Ottawa Valley Livin

I just spent the last month paddling in one of my favorite places in the world, The Ottawa river. With its warm water, great waves, and amazing people this place is hard to beat. The Valley right now is going thru a major drought this year but the river was still at a fun level. When I arrived up there the level was about -2 1/2 on the gauge. Garb at this level is super green, hard to catch and stick tricks, but still so much fun. I had the chance to use a Light weight project X the whole…


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Stout Tour Ends... for now

March was a big month for me in kayaking. The Stephen Forster Stout tour made the transion from Febuary to March smoothly. With tons of rain and snow the rivers where primed and ready. During this time I got to lap the Little White salmon to many times to count, and during these laps I logged the highest water decent of Spirit falls at 4.5 feet. 

 Along with countless LW laps I got to run Tokatee Falls which was a 3rd decent, Outlet falls twice, Upper north falls, Sahlie…


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Stout Tour Day 3

It seems every time I head up to Hood River Oregon, in the first few days I always find myself at the eddy above Metlako Falls on Eagle Creek. This year wasn't any different except this time I ran it with Erik Johnson and Rush Sturges. On the hike up, the falls looked a little low but still good to go. So we hiked a little further upstream to run Punchbowl Falls as well.


We made our way down to Metlako and after chillin in the eddy for a bit we fired the beast up. The hit was…


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