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Sticky Hole Training

Training for the World Championships is not an easy task. Proper diet, training on and off the water, along with my college and work life has taken me by storm!  Since the world championships will be on “Garb” in Canada this year, I’ve been making extra efforts to get to Columbus, GA for some fantastic wave and hole boating. Diversity in mixing up training locations is the key for being prepared for any feature you come across in competitions, so even though worlds is on a wave you can’t…


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Leaving winter with the Recon

With paddling season over for most, at least those of us who live in colder winter climates like myself, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the my first few days back in my boat during spring 2012.



Paddling the Recon on the Green (Photo Bryan…


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The Folly of Reaching for Perfect

I have been out teaching a lot lately and sometimes ideas crop up for articles, I was sitting in an eddy recently and giving some feedback and it surprises me the pressure paddlers will put on themselves to strive for perfection. Honestly, I think it is pretty rare to achieve perfection... read more on …


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2011 World Kayak Pro-Am United States White Water Center

As most of you know the hometown throw down series of events put on by WorldKayak is a great series targeting ANYONE to come out and throw down in your white water boat. And while this event did in fact encourage that, it had a different…

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WaveSport Project X at work: NOC hole, Pigeon River

 What an awesome boat! Its a great all around boat, amazing at down river, and especially at what its made for: FREESTYLE. Ive made few recent trips over to the Peigeon river in western North Carolina, and while the river isn't exactly known for quality playspots, there is… Continue

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Michele Ramazza winner of the Extreme Sport Week downhill

Voss (Norway), Friday July 1st 2011

Brandsethelva is a narrow river with crystal clear, blue water. The 500 meter long section where the competition took place holds many good spots for spectators to see fascinating and technical moves in the water.

The river is characterised by being narrow and steep, which makes it a technically challenging river and very spectacular. The water flows has been high all week and all the athlets couldn't paddle the race course…


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Viva Mexico !

School's out! Finally, after 11 long semesters of studying excessively, I had all the time to realize this long-cherished wish of mine and go on a proper trip with my kayak. The plan: 5 months of travelling in North, Middle and South America - always in search of the most beautiful pieces of whitewater on the planet. After spending fall 2010 in the Southeast of the USA, playboating all over the place and successfully racing on Russel Fork and Green, the…


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2011 Alabama Mountain Games Featuring NAWF

The 2011 Alabama Mountain Games (NAWF) went great.  This festival brings great music, great people and awesome sports like Mt. Biking Kayaking Disc Golf Stand UP Paddle Boarding and more all together. …

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TWO NEW whitewater videos.....Check it out!

Check out "killing time"- a whitewater kayaking short with footage from the southeast united states. Featuring a little obligatory Green River Narrows footage, Big Scirum Creek, Rock Creek, Tallapoosa River, and The Locust Fork of the Warrior River. See it all here creek boating, freestyle…

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Colorado Winter Update

After unfortunate cancelling trip to Mexico for kayaking and keeping the ticket for this year, our plan B was for some reason Colorado right away. Beautiful mountains, good lifestyle, friendly people and a lot of snow. I totally loved Colorado and its lifestyle anytime I was here kayaking so it was probably time to check what is going on here in winter. I know its unusual for a whitewater athlete to post pictures from ski&snb sessions but thats whats going on…


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2010 Review- Photo Slideshow


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2010 Green Race Review

(above)A Great shot from Creeking.info of me on Gorilla during this years race. Thanks guys! …


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Project X Macho Move Video

Bryan Kirk is ok at Macho Moves. Check out this slow-mo shot I got of him in the new Project X while shooting for my upcoming movie Locals Only.


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12 days to go.....2010 Green River Narrows Race!

(Gorilla/long boat 10/23/10, charlie simmons)
Big thanks to my…

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19 days and Counting.......Green River Narrows Race!

Saturday November 6th 2010; marks the day. The Green River Narrows Race is one of the worlds most extreme kayak races, and this year is the 15th annual race. There are several categories in which racers will sign up; Kayak (long…

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Good Times; Good Lines

Its going down soon, with rainfall and autumn kicking in up here in North Carolina the steeps are sure to be great soon! Mmm Mmm looks tastey!

Makira loves to go squirt boating!…


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Endless River Adventures Blog on Project X - Confessions of a Closet Playboater

About the time that I finally figured out how to get past the third end in a cartwheel, the word on the river was that “cartwheels are out, loops and ariels are in.” Wouldn’t you know once again I would be a move behind when it comes to playboating. But in my quest to figure out cartwheels I had fallen in love with the EZG—partly because I could do flat water cartwheels in it, but also because stability is high on my priority list when it comes… Continue

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Tanya Faux Pro Spotlight on LVM

Checkout this great video interview on Wave Sport's Tanya Faux from LVM!

Click below for the Vimeo video link

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Photo Unload....now and then 2010

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Loving Life in NC

Here are some latest local shots, and some of the first natural flow ive gotten since moving to NC (LOW WATER IS BETTER THAN NO WATER).... though the almost daily dam released Green River Narrows runs are nothing to complain about!!!

Here you will see the cascading 50ft. Rock Creek Falls, first showed to me by my buddy Will Dowling whom never stopped…

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