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Mobius in action!

Hello everyone,

I have been lucky enough to paddle all the prototypes of the Mobius over the past year watching it become one of the most unique boats I have ever paddled.  The first prototype was faster on a wave than any playboat I have ever surfed and looped huge but not so user friendly.  I wish I had some video of us surfing version 1, we went equally huge on our tricks and wipe-outs.  Totally creased.  Hans, the designer, tweaked the design over the past year with the help of…


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The Bow Stall

The bow stall is an advanced playboating move that involves balancing vertically on the bow of your kayak in flat water. This move requires amazing control and will take lots of practice to master. Mastering the bow stall will improve your vertical moves and help you better understand the balance points of your kayak.



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WaveSport Project X at work: NOC hole, Pigeon River

 What an awesome boat! Its a great all around boat, amazing at down river, and especially at what its made for: FREESTYLE. Ive made few recent trips over to the Peigeon river in western North Carolina, and while the river isn't exactly known for quality playspots, there is… Continue

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Playboating: Use It or Loose It

Recently Z-Dam was running in Richmond, and my buddies and I were stoked to get out there and throw some tricks. We weren't expecting to be anything like these guys, but we figured that we would be better than we were last season.


We hadn't been playboating in over 6 months, and instead we spent the summer creeking. I guess it was time to pay the price, and our…

Added by John Nestler on October 10, 2010 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

Endless River Adventures Blog on Project X - Confessions of a Closet Playboater

About the time that I finally figured out how to get past the third end in a cartwheel, the word on the river was that “cartwheels are out, loops and ariels are in.” Wouldn’t you know once again I would be a move behind when it comes to playboating. But in my quest to figure out cartwheels I had fallen in love with the EZG—partly because I could do flat water cartwheels in it, but also because stability is high on my priority list when it comes… Continue

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Jonny Meyers Looping large in the 54cx

I was going through a few clips I shot in Colorado this summer and came across a few of Jonny Meyers looping the Project 54cx in the Salida hole. This was Jon's first time in the cx and...well he like it! Check out a couple of his big loops in the video.

Kelsey… Continue

Added by Kelsey Thompson on December 7, 2009 at 9:51pm — 1 Comment

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