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Devils Extreme Race 2011 video

Ten days ago me and my friends Jirka Kopecny and Mira Kodada organized fifth annual Devils Extreme Race. Again, it was an European Open Chmapionships and here is a first video edit from this event.ENJOY!


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Colorado Winter Update

After unfortunate cancelling trip to Mexico for kayaking and keeping the ticket for this year, our plan B was for some reason Colorado right away. Beautiful mountains, good lifestyle, friendly people and a lot of snow. I totally loved Colorado and its lifestyle anytime I was here kayaking so it was probably time to check what is going on here in winter. I know its unusual for a whitewater athlete to post pictures from ski&snb sessions but thats whats going on…


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Black Canyon of the Gunnison VIDEO!!!


Just got done with my summer gig in Colorado and I am roadtripping around NorthWest these days. Here is a video from Black Canyon I put together the other day - ENJOY!


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Black Canyon of the Gunnison

All good here in Colorado. Summer is getting to the end, we got last full on week of work and then who knows what is gonna happen.

Last weekend I had a great time on Black canyon of the Gunnison with some of my best friends Yonton Mehler and Bryan Owen aka Astral buoancy, Brent Toepper aka badass guy who reps for Sweet in Colorado, Milo from

Crested Butte and Daniel Windham from…


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Lake Creek pics

When I posted video called My Home I called Pine creek rapid my home run. It is true but its easy, accessable, convenience and fun run. In this blogpost I would love to introduce you some of my best home runs ever called Lake creek. It flows in valley next to the road no. 82 called Independence Pass. Most of the summer its really high and running bottom section would be pretty hard core. You can run upper section though and it includes some fun class IV-V…

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June Video Update

Last week has been pretty busy for me. Have been working as a safety kayaker on Arkansas river, kayaked every

day after work, worked for catering company making lunches at nights and

also edited movie from June spent in Colorado. Here it is, hope you

will like it.

Only 20 minuttes…


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My Home video

This July I am based on the Arkansas river in Colorado. Its great out here. I work almost every day as a safety kayaker for Timberline Tours. In my time off I go kayak somewhere else or work on my videos, designs and gear improvement for next years..

Here is a video of my home run called Pine Creek. Its super fun class IV+ run I kayak every day. Sometimes twice or more because we raft it comercially as well. I…

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Oh Be Joyful creek

After almost two weeks working every day I got two days off to visit my friend Brent Toepper in beatiful Crested Butte area. Of course it wouldnt be me just to go visit friend. There was an Oh Be Joyful race going on last Sunday..

Thats what OBJ is all about. Slides, drops and FUN - Jakub kickin freewheel off 8 footer

After safety kayaking run on Saturday me and my…


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Gilman Gorge, CO video and pictures

Week before Teva games I got a phone call from the boss of Timberline tours in Colorado that they are looking for a safety kayaker for this summer. Chance of getting paid, being able to kayak every day doesnt come every day so I said “Yes, of course!”

These days I kayak every day. Safety kayaking for rafting trips in the morning and…


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Teva Mountain Games 2010

Teva mountain games kicked off on Thursday with Steep creek championships on the Homestake creek. 55 best kayakers from all over the world come every year to show their skills on manky class V whitewater. In the first run I was 9th, so I tried really hard in second run. Unfortunatelly, at the bottom section I lost few seconds not being on the fastest line. That meant 11th place overall. Sam Sutton from New Zealand won the race.…


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Video of my day

After several weeks spent in California, kayaking and working, we got to Colorado few days ago. Weather is sunny and warm, flows are high and we all are having great time out here. This weekend I have been representing at the CKS kayak festival before Teva mountain games next week.

Check out pictures from last week. I have been practicing on the Homestake creek for Teva steep creek championships. Also make sure to check my video I edited on the way…

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2010 promo video

Hi all,

Just finished promo video for 2010 before driving to California where we gonna film material for next DVD project.

Check it out!

Have a good…

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