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What to expect when your expecting.....the Recon 83

Here is a link to some sweet shots of the new Recon.  If you are like me, while you are waiting to get a new boat, you want to look at as many videos and pictures as possible.  So I just shot a bunch of angles of the new boat before shredding down the Meadow.  Isn't she pretty....

Wave Sport Recon 83, never paddled


prototype testing in action

         It seems to…


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A Recon trip into BC with World Class Kayak Academy


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Discovery of Maretu Stream in NZ

(Tyler Fox runs a beautiful drop on the First Descent of Maretu Stream in NZ. Photo Brendan Bayly)

It started 2 years ago, after just landing in NZ I was instantly beconed over to the East coast of the North Island, where Josh Neilson and Matt Danes had a "surprise" they wanted to share with me.…


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The Folly of Reaching for Perfect

I have been out teaching a lot lately and sometimes ideas crop up for articles, I was sitting in an eddy recently and giving some feedback and it surprises me the pressure paddlers will put on themselves to strive for perfection. Honestly, I think it is pretty rare to achieve perfection... read more on …


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Manns Creek: West Virginia's Class 5 Gem

It took me around a dozen runs down Manns creek before I actually felt like I wasn't lost in its labyrinth of steep chutes. By Manns Creek, I am referring to Glade Creek at the Gristmill in Babcock State Park, past the confluence with Manns Creek(Real Manns) and down to the New River at Cunard, WV.


Here is a Manns Creek headcam movie from around 4": …


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IMPROVISE SHORT FILM - Paddling in Colorado

Photo: Stephen Forster    Paddler: Chris Wing  …


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1st Descent Waihi Stream, NZ's sickest

Waihi Stream is a Kayaker's dream, a 1km stretch of whitewater that drops 100m's over smooth Papa (A soft, clay like rock found in abundance on NZ's east coast), with road acess put-in and take-out. Josh Neilson and Matt Danes had scouted this Jem a couple years back and have been waiting for a rain event big enough to over-flow the dam at the put-in.

I had arrived in New Zealand the day before and as always the boys were fired up to see another familar face back in…


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This past year has been a very good one for myself. I've been able to paddle pretty much full tilt the entire year in a wide variety of locations, BC, Quebec, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, USA and the giant waves of the Ottawa & Saint Lawrence Rivers.

Throughout the year I've been working with Five 2 Nine productions on a web based TV documentary called "CURRENTS" (to watch episodes of currents visit: www.five2nine.ca ). The first… Continue

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12 days to go.....2010 Green River Narrows Race!

(Gorilla/long boat 10/23/10, charlie simmons)
Big thanks to my…

Added by charlie simmons on October 25, 2010 at 11:40am — No Comments

19 days and Counting.......Green River Narrows Race!

Saturday November 6th 2010; marks the day. The Green River Narrows Race is one of the worlds most extreme kayak races, and this year is the 15th annual race. There are several categories in which racers will sign up; Kayak (long…

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First Descents in Thailand

Tyler Fox First Descent of Haew Suwat Falls, Thailand - Photo Josh Neilson

One of the biggest appeals of going to Thailand, for myself, was the fact that not much was really known about paddling there. Several crews of paddlers have ventured here in the past, but there seemed to be so much more whitewater to discover. And one of my big drives for this season was to get out into these “unknown” areas and do… Continue

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Thailand's Mae Sa River

Tyler Fox on the Mae Sa River in Thailand - Photo Toni George

The Mae Sa River is a quality stretch of white water within 30 min’s of the city limits of Chiang Mai. The put in is located at the Queens Botanical Garden and is literally on the side of the road, so much so, that it is more reminiscent of a ditch then a river. However, the river quickly veers away from the road and starts it descent.… Continue

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Thailand - Doi Inthanon National Park & Huck

Tyler Fox finding the goods ... at Mae Pan Waterfall - Photo Josh Neilson

Like most paddlers out there, I deal with the struggle of finding that balance between going on lots of kayaking missions and not being flat broke. I've spent the last 2 months on the Ottawa River raft guiding and instructing kayaking, pretty much everyday so that I could save up…


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Colorado Kayak Tour Video

This year marked the first in four that I haven't traveled to Colorado to compete on the pro tour. Instead I decided to stay in Canada, shoot for my upcoming movie Locals Only, and paddle some of the stuff in Western Canada that I've missed out on the past few years. There are a few things that are hard not to miss about Colorado but for the most part it's been a really memorable couple of months and I don't regret mixing it up in the least.

As I was reminiscing about the…

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A New Meca for whitewater !!

Getting to the goods in the Saguenay can take a bit of work. Photo – Tyler Fox

The Saguenay Area is slowly but surely becoming a Whitewater Meca and it is easy to see why, for instance, just look

at its heart the city of Chicoutimi. There…


Added by Tyler Fox on June 23, 2010 at 5:59pm — 1 Comment

Chicoutimi's Greatest - The Valin River

Nothing better then a solid crew of Friends – Photo Tyler Fox

Chicoutimi is a thriving city located in the heart of the Saguenay Region. It has been our paddling destination for the past two spring seasons, while here in Quebec, for a couple reasons;…


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Great Paddling from Montreal to Saguenay

Tyler plugging deep ... on the Batiscan River - Photo Dave Crerar

While driving from Ottawa towards the Saguenay area, we were lucky enough to catch some good water levels on a few of the classic runs found along the way. We actually left a full week earlier then we had planned so we could catch dropping water levels on one of my favorite rivers the…


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Quebec Exploration pays off - First D's

The Crew chillin at the Put-in camp of the Upper Petit Saguenay River. Photo - Tyler Fox

This is my second spring season coming back to Quebec, specifically the Saguenay area, in search of Quebec's amazing whitewater. Last year we had great success in finding / exploring un-run rivers, with 4 first descents, and we had a bunch more on our list that we…


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Quebec Steepness on the Riviere des Huit Chutes

Tyler Fox firing up the top drop on the River of 8 Chutes - Photo Josh Neilson

Once again I find myself in the back woods of Quebec exploring its amazing wealth of White water. With the help of Chicoutimi Local Patrick Levesque we have been hitting up a wide spectrum of rivers,

covering everything from big…


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2010 Northwest Creeking Competition

This past weekend was the 2010 Northwest Creeking Competition on the East Fork of the Lewis in South-eastern Washington.

Typically, this event takes place on nearby Canyon Creek, Washington, but due to a massive logjam a couple of years ago, the race was moved to the more-friendly, EF Lewis River, about a half hour away. …


Added by Kim Russell (previously Becker) on April 12, 2010 at 9:00pm — 2 Comments

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