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Mobius in action!

Hello everyone,

I have been lucky enough to paddle all the prototypes of the Mobius over the past year watching it become one of the most unique boats I have ever paddled.  The first prototype was faster on a wave than any playboat I have ever surfed and looped huge but not so user friendly.  I wish I had some video of us surfing version 1, we went equally huge on our tricks and wipe-outs.  Totally creased.  Hans, the designer, tweaked the design over the past year with the help of…


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New River Love

      There is nothing like watching it rain across the New River drainage and slowly the water builds up in the river until it finally dumps through the New River Gorge ending in the Dries.  As I am writing this the New is coming through the 30,000 cfs range hopefully peaking at 50,000 tomorrow to create one of the most epic waves I have ever surfed!  

        The New is a unique big water run.  Flowing North from North Carolina through Virginia finally ending in West Virginia when…


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What to expect when you are expecting.....the Recon

Here is a link to some sweet shots of the new Recon.  If you are like me, while you are waiting to get a new boat, you want to look at as many videos and pictures as possible.  So I just shot a bunch of angles of the new boat before shredding down the Meadow.  Isn't she pretty....



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Leaving winter with the Recon

With paddling season over for most, at least those of us who live in colder winter climates like myself, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the my first few days back in my boat during spring 2012.



Paddling the Recon on the Green (Photo Bryan…


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Locals Only Intro

Making the intro to Locals Only was one of the funner parts of putting this movie together. Rather than going with a cliche intro that involved mountain time lapse's, water droplets moving in slow motion and athletes sporting gang signs I wanted to do something a little different. Enter Bryan Kirk and his favourite little kayak.



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Pre-order Locals Only and win a Wave Sport Kayak!

I'm pleased to announce that my upcoming movie Locals Only is now available for pre-order through Rapid Transit Video. Pre-orders will close on April 15th and everyone who purchase's a copy before that time will be entered into a draw for a free Wave Sport boat of choice including the all new Project X! The winner will then be announced on April 25th. Huge thanks to Wave Sport for there support with this project and offering a boat for this draw!



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Project X can do it all!

I don't think it's a secret that everyone on the Wave Sport team is really excited about the new Project X. It's super loose, releases off of the water with ease, loops huge and is surprisingly stable and smooth on end. For a boat that is only 5'11" long I was shocked at how well it cartwheeled, much easier than any other short boat I've paddled. Even though it has more volume than the Project 52 it's easier to initiate cartwheels because of the slicy side wall and more retentive because of…


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Project X Macho Move Video

Bryan Kirk is ok at Macho Moves. Check out this slow-mo shot I got of him in the new Project X while shooting for my upcoming movie Locals Only.


Added by Kelsey Thompson on November 1, 2010 at 1:15pm — 1 Comment

Project X at Diagonal Ledges

So if you haven't heard already the Project X is where it's at. This boat is the best playboat I've ever paddled, hands down! Lately I've been paddling a lot with Bryan Kirk on the Upper Gauley and hitting up all of the little holes along the way. Wanting to get the X out on a wave lead us to Diagonal Ledges on the Lower, we liked! Here's a little video I put together of Bryan getting his groove on at Diagonal Ledges,… Continue

Added by Kelsey Thompson on October 21, 2010 at 6:39pm — 1 Comment

Gauley River Slots and Project X Video

I've been paddling in WV for the past few weeks throughly enjoying Gauley season and the new Project X! Last weekend I decided to bring my tripod and camera gear to shoot some video for my upcoming movie Locals Only so I paddled the Diesel 80 for a little more luggage space. I took the opportunity to shoot some of the slots and moves on the Gauley with my gopro camera. Along the way I got a few cool shots of Bryan in the Project X too. Check out the… Continue

Added by Kelsey Thompson on October 12, 2010 at 1:04pm — 2 Comments

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