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Your the one I follow - Kayaking Norway's Brandseth River

Your the one I follow - Kayaking Norways Brandseth River from Bottomsupkayaking.com on Vimeo.

Trust. It is the building foundation with which every paddling team should be built upon. Trusting that your team mates will make make smart decisions for themselves, you…


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Video - Every River, Everywhere: N.F San Joaquin

Here is a great video put together by Adrian Kiernan from our adventures into the Ansel Adams Wilderness area of California's High Sierras. A truly beautiful place with a classic river running through it, the North Fork of the San Joaquin. 

Check it out!…


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North Fork of the San Joaquin


“Looking back on the trip, and all the rapids we paddled, the unbelievable landscapes we were lucky enough to travel through, the amazing group of people on the water with us and the perfect water levels provided to us by Mother Nature, I would have to say this…


Added by Tyler Fox on August 19, 2013 at 6:52pm — 2 Comments

Wairoa Race Recap

Finally recovering from a long weekend of Extreme Racing and Event organizing. The Kaituna Time Trial was the first event of the weekend. It entailed two race runs down the length of the Kaituna River (regular section) with your combined times adding up to give you your total time. I…


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A Recon trip into BC with World Class Kayak Academy


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How to: The art of scouting and making good decisions.

Scouting is just another term for decision-making; in essence, you are looking at what lies ahead and deciding what course to take. A major key in progressing from class 2-3 whitewater into the realm of class 4-5 is the ability…


Added by Tyler Fox on December 27, 2012 at 11:28pm — 2 Comments

Kaituna Enduro Race

If I had to pick one river in the entire world that I though hosted the most number of kayak races per year ... it would have to be, without a doubt, the Kaituna River. We have mass starts, time trials, multi-sport, slalom, short boats, long boats, raft, swimming, and even inflatable races down this river ... so when Ben Robson came up with an idea for a totally new style of race to be held on the Kaituna, we were all interested in what he could have possibly thought…


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Ottawa Valley ... Love

Finally back on the Ottawa River ! After spending the past year and a half traveling back and forth from New Zealand, Quebec and California, hitting up all the amazing steep creeking these places have to offer, I must admit I was…


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Discovery of Maretu Stream in NZ

(Tyler Fox runs a beautiful drop on the First Descent of Maretu Stream in NZ. Photo Brendan Bayly)

It started 2 years ago, after just landing in NZ I was instantly beconed over to the East coast of the North Island, where Josh Neilson and Matt Danes had a "surprise" they wanted to share with me.…


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NZ Extreme Race Series - Kaituna & Wairoa races

2012 Wairoa Xtreme Race

New Zealand, or Okere Falls, NZ if you really wanted to narrow it down, has, over the past 5-8 years produced some of the World's fastest kayakers. If you've ever been to the kaituna river, or participated in any event in…


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White Water Grand Prix photo look back

Without a doubt the Highlight of 2011 was the White Water Grand Prix. As a competitor it was more then I could have imagined, in so many ways, but even for the spectators this event took everyone by surprise. Everything seemed to be firing for event organiser Patrick Camblin; the water levels were…


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The Classic of all Classics - Mastigouche River, QC

Simon Davidson throws a triumphant fist pump half way down the Finally slide


The Mastigouche River in Quebec is a must do on any paddlers wish list. It was on the top of my good friend Simon Davidson's list of rivers to paddle while over in Quebec this past…


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Once again I've teamed up with Mike Mckay of Five2nine to bring you a look into a years worth of amazing paddling by some of our sports top paddlers on some of the sweetest rivers on the globe. As always quality filming, tight editing, and a…


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Spring Fever


Every spring the immense area know as Quebec gives up its icy and snowy grasp on the land, flooding its many large volume rivers. This huge amount of water combined with Quebec's rugged geography produces some of the World's largest standing waves. With a some patients and a bit of luck this can be everything you've been looking for.

Stakeout ... isn't a new concept, paddlers have been on stakeouts since forever. Its basic concept is, to be in an area waiting for the correct…


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California Sunshine !!

After 2 years of failed / aborted Cali trips, I was finally able to pull it together. Everything came together, and on top of that Mother nature stepped up to the plate to play as well with a 200% snowpack in the Sierra's. 


In turn with my entire Cali season we hit the timing perfect!…


Added by Tyler Fox on September 21, 2011 at 3:27pm — No Comments

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