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Wave Sport UK Factory Tour

After a busy summer of raft guiding and being up north of the country I finally got a chance to head down South to pick up fellow team member George Younger, after his season kayaking in Peru. Whilst spending a few days there I got to see some parts of the country I haven't visited before.

On route back to Nottingham we took a trip into the Wave Sport UK headquarters which gave myself and George a chance to visit some of the staff that make everything click…


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Winter of Rehab and Recovery

This is a very personal account of the last 6 months and my time spent recovering from injury. It features a few dark moments before the positive outcomes so please bare with it…

This winter has been pretty tough with very limited amounts of kayaking. Back in September I dislocated my ankle wake boarding breaking both my Tibia and Fibular. As a result I was in hospital for 5 nights requiring extensive surgery to fix my ankle back…


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First Paddle in the Mobius

I just got into a Mobius this past Friday for about an hour after work. And, what can I say, this boat definitely plays to my style.

It took about 5 minutes to outfit, which meant more time on the water. The first thing I noticed sitting in it was it definitely felt shorter than my Project X56. I'm a tall guy, at 6'1", and despite feeling shorter, it was still pretty comfortable on my feet.

Rather than a warm up paddle I just dropped right in... here's the highlights of the…


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Winter weather: Portugal & Galicia.

The best time for creek kayaking in our surroundings, in winter, is in Portugal and Galicia.

So you only have to check different websites meteorology, rivers ... to find out which area you want, to go down the most beautiful rivers of the place.

This time we started the car for a quick…


Added by Albert Aixas on March 14, 2013 at 7:30am — 2 Comments

Team Wave Sport UK - The Indian Himalayas Part 2

After an epic journey from Leh over 5300m passes and getting stuck in a snow storm Team Wave Sport UK kayaker Steve Brooks finally reached Manali.

Situated on the banks of the…


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Searching rivers of Chile and Argentina

Finally after spending a year working in the school of kayaking (AEPallars, Sort) with kayak's future promises of the world, it was time to take off and heading to another country. So there was the moment to decide who and where would travel to.

Finally we went to Chile!…


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Kayaking at Feather River College

       Well I survived my first semester of college and made lots of great memories with lots of new friends. My favorite memory was helping teaching kayaking back in October during the weekend class at Feather River College. We had lots of students and Quincy locals come out to enjoy the whitewater and warm sunshine. Here is a short edit from my view 


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How to Choose a Whitewater Paddle

As a whitewater kayaker, it’s just as important to choose the right paddle as it is the right kayak. The paddle becomes an extension of your body, so it’s only logical to choose one that is comfortable in your hands, and feels good! If only it were that simple: what about all the different blades designs? Should you choose carbon fiber or fiberglass? How long should it be? Should you paddle a straight or bent shaft?…


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A Paddler's Christmas List

Since it's December first, we might as well start talking about Christimas. It's only three weeks away, and it's time to start thinking about gifts for your paddling partner(s)!



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Team Wave Sport UK - The Indian Himalayas Part 1

Report from India - Part 1

Team Wave Sport UK kayaker Steve Brooks has been out in India on a 2 month mission.  He led a successful 7 day self-support kayaking expedition down the Tsarap Chu and Zanskar rivers in Ladakh, known as the Grand Canyon of the Himalayas.  “Kayaking on the Roof of the World is something special” said Steve, as the team drove over 5200m passes, ran numerous box canyons,…


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Help Protect the Hood River Confluence

The merging of two rivers is always an auspicious place for rafters and kayakers, and one of my favorite confluences is that of the East and West Forks of the Hood River. Not only is this a beautiful place to go for a swim on a hot day, but it also serves as the put-in and take-out for several great whitewater runs.…


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Kayak How To: Boat Draining Basics

I am a stickler for the details. It bothers me when I see an instructor leave out even the most minute details for a beginner. Inevitably, as people struggle through the first bit of the learning curve and become more comfortable with their roll, they are going to come to terms with another skill quite quickly, boat…


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Five Steps to Creating a Bucket Seat For Your Kayak



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First Impressions on the Wave Sport Recon

Last week Bryan Kirk rolled through Idaho armed with a fleet of prototypes of the new Wavesport creekboat: The Recon. I met up with him on the North Fork of the Payette to test out a near final version of the midsized Recon 83. Our trip down the river left me smiling and excited to get back out in the boat again.

The rocker profile kept me on top of the water through the big rapids and made boofing a cinch. The boat flew right over a couple of holes that normally…


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Rio Manso

Finding myself out of my boat at the base of a 50 foot waterfall wasn't exactly the smooth reentry into paddling class 5 that I was looking for.…


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How to: the boof

boofThe boof is the move used to jump any obstacle in a river. In this technique article on the boof you will find the explanation of this fundamental white water move and the timing to do it in the right place at the right time.

Added by Michele Ramazza on September 21, 2011 at 4:55am — 1 Comment

Technique: the power stroke

The Power stroke is a propulsive action to push the boat forward using the body movement. It can be used to perform many operations in white and flat water with freestyle and creek boats. This stroke is very effective while getting into an out of the eddies and to boof (jump an obstacle). In flat water allows simple circular path through a series of strokes inside of the curve. This stroke is important to learn how…


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Warmups for Freestyle Paddling

Though these exercises are designed for freestyle paddlers in mind, these are exceptional ways to get warmed up in any boat.  This video tutuorial from H2o Dreams has that particular focus in mind.


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Colorado Kayak Tour Video

This year marked the first in four that I haven't traveled to Colorado to compete on the pro tour. Instead I decided to stay in Canada, shoot for my upcoming movie Locals Only, and paddle some of the stuff in Western Canada that I've missed out on the past few years. There are a few things that are hard not to miss about Colorado but for the most part it's been a really memorable couple of months and I don't regret mixing it up in the least.

As I was reminiscing about the…

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