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This past year has been a very good one for myself. I've been able to paddle pretty much full tilt the entire year in a wide variety of locations, BC, Quebec, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, USA and the giant waves of the Ottawa & Saint Lawrence Rivers.

Throughout the year I've been working with Five 2 Nine productions on a web based TV documentary called "CURRENTS" (to watch episodes of currents visit: www.five2nine.ca ). The first… Continue

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BC Creeking

After a couple months of "Work" and lots of play up on the Ottawa River, it was time for a good ol'road trip to find some sweet boating and satisfy that familiar urge boiling up again. We loaded my wagon and headed West. The road trip is a staple in a kayakers lifestyle. You load a questionable car, way more full then it should be. We went with the $7, 6 foot long 2X4's for roof racks so we could fit 5 kayaks on the roof. Then drive / live… Continue

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Skoooooook ! ah so good.

Skookumchuck is just one of those waves ...

If you haven't been there, you've heard all the rumours, seen the video and photos, and are dreaming of the day you get to surf that legendary wave.

If you have been there, your just waiting to get back.

So with that said, there's not much I can say that will be a surprise to you.

Its Big, Smooth and Beautiful .... and recently I got to enjoy it!

Here are a… Continue

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La Belle Province ... Quebec

A few years ago, if some one mentioned Quebec, a large part of the paddling community would have no idea what / where you were talking about. But in resent years Quebec has been making a name as a quality white water destination. And its about time, this place has it all, steep creeks, large drops, big volume, massive waves and everything between right down to scenic class 2-3. This spring myself (Tyler Fox), Louise Urwin and Josh Neilson got in… Continue

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The Ottawa Valley's Epic Spring

They say “There’s no place like home” and I believe it. I’ve been traveling the world paddling for the last 5 years and I haven’t come close to finding a place that has the concentration of Big, Fast Waves that the Ottawa area has. And this spring we got them all!

Arriving back from New Zealand in mid April, I was a little bummed to hear it was in between levels. But this was okay as I hadn’t play boated in 6 months and it gave me a… Continue

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