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Discovery of Maretu Stream in NZ

(Tyler Fox runs a beautiful drop on the First Descent of Maretu Stream in NZ. Photo Brendan Bayly)

It started 2 years ago, after just landing in NZ I was instantly beconed over to the East coast of the North Island, where Josh Neilson and Matt Danes had a "surprise" they wanted to share with me.…


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1st Descent Waihi Stream, NZ's sickest

Waihi Stream is a Kayaker's dream, a 1km stretch of whitewater that drops 100m's over smooth Papa (A soft, clay like rock found in abundance on NZ's east coast), with road acess put-in and take-out. Josh Neilson and Matt Danes had scouted this Jem a couple years back and have been waiting for a rain event big enough to over-flow the dam at the put-in.

I had arrived in New Zealand the day before and as always the boys were fired up to see another familar face back in…


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CURRENTS - Episode 8 - Thailand

This past August I joined, Louise Urwin, Josh Neilson and Toni George for an incredible adventure thorough Thailand. Our primary goal was to search out and paddle new & old whitewater runs and hidden waterfalls of this jungle paradise, while completely imersing ourselves in the rich culture. However, my trip had a secondary purpose.

While there I was lucky enought to meet with Ply Pirom a 'Toxic Compaign Manager' for Green Peace, who informed me of a very serious problem… Continue

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CURRENTS - Episode 6 - The Kimberley, Australia

This past winter I was fortunate enough to join an international group of 11 paddlers, to complete a 22 day expedition down Australia's largest river system, the Fitzroy River and its main tributaries. The Goal of our trip was to explore and document this regions vast and secluded beauty, rich cultural heritage and environment importance. Our hope is that by showcasing this areas values and the problems that are threatening it we will be able to create some awareness, and in turn gain… Continue

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First Descents in Thailand

Tyler Fox First Descent of Haew Suwat Falls, Thailand - Photo Josh Neilson

One of the biggest appeals of going to Thailand, for myself, was the fact that not much was really known about paddling there. Several crews of paddlers have ventured here in the past, but there seemed to be so much more whitewater to discover. And one of my big drives for this season was to get out into these “unknown” areas and do… Continue

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Thailand's Mae Sa River

Tyler Fox on the Mae Sa River in Thailand - Photo Toni George

The Mae Sa River is a quality stretch of white water within 30 min’s of the city limits of Chiang Mai. The put in is located at the Queens Botanical Garden and is literally on the side of the road, so much so, that it is more reminiscent of a ditch then a river. However, the river quickly veers away from the road and starts it descent.… Continue

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Great Paddling from Montreal to Saguenay

Tyler plugging deep ... on the Batiscan River - Photo Dave Crerar

While driving from Ottawa towards the Saguenay area, we were lucky enough to catch some good water levels on a few of the classic runs found along the way. We actually left a full week earlier then we had planned so we could catch dropping water levels on one of my favorite rivers the…


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New Zealand's Tree Trunk Gorge and more

Tyler Fox enjoying some of New Zealands finest waterfall riding

The New Zealand summer is coming to an end, and once again its been a sweet season, filled with heaps of good times, good bros, and good boating!

A definite highlight of this season was setting aside some trepidation and re-opening up an amazing section of whitewater. Tree Trunk Gorge on the Tongariro River has long remained a section of whitewater rarely run. It… Continue

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