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December to Remember

The huge storms of December, 2010 gave me one big problem: how to dry gear? It just kept raining down low and snowing up high. I saw the biggest flows since I moved to CA in 2007. I got a streak of 7 straight days on the water. It was good.

This video shows a ride at the Gay Wave on the Confluence Run of the North Fork American River. The Confluence Run gets the flow of the North Fork and Middle Fork American, making it one of the bigger volume options in the Sierra. It was so…


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2010 Review- Photo Slideshow


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Wavesport @ IceMan Race in Columbia, SC with Project X

IceMan Race 2010, Paddler: Chris Wing, Photo: Spencer Cooke Effort TV


Team Wavesport will be at…


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Manns Creek - The Real Deal

When most people talk about running Manns Creek in WV, they almost always refer to running Glade Creek to the confluence of Manns Creek and continuing down to the New River. This in itself is arguably the best all-around, most 'classic' West Virginia creek.


'Real Manns Creek' refers to Manns Creek proper, which starts near the horse stables in Babcock State Park and continues to the confluence of Glade Creek. On the map below, the differentiation between the two different…


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Update from Jakub Nemec

"Since mid September I have been hanging out and kayaking around East coast of the US. Its been fun times for sure. I found a job to make money for kayaking trip to Mexico in winter and have been living with my wifes family in Pennsylvania. Of course we took some weeks off to go kayaking, explored what big boys PA has for us and did some playboating on weekends.

Here is a bunch of sick pictures for you to check. Courtesy of Meg Smith (…


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Got Lower Back Pain?


As paddlers, we use our core…


Added by Kim Becker (Russell) on January 3, 2011 at 10:27pm — 2 Comments

Season's End II and Photo Yearbook

Departing the old and into the new year with a bang! Paddler: Chris Wing, Photo: Kyle Irby


A few years back I concluded my season with a highlight reel aptly named "Season's End."  While traveling and…


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New Year's Resolutions 2011

1. I resolve to drive some shuttles this year to pay into shuttle karma. You know how awesome it is to get shuttle sorted out by an adventure chaser (politically correct term for shuttle bunny). I will pass that feeling unto others when opportunities arise.


2. I resolve to continue to clean up rivers. The other day I picked up a ruined cell phone off the bank of Shirt-tail creek. Later at the take-out I was rewarded by finding a nice hatchet!


3. I resolve…


Added by Taylor Cavin on January 2, 2011 at 11:27pm — 1 Comment

A Roll Clinic Chilean Style

While New River Academy was at the Rio Claro, we had a special opportunity to teach a group of Chilean high school students how to roll. This was definitely something totally different. All of us gathered up enough of our gear to outfit every kid for our clinic and we got together a bunch of our boats together too. Trying to explain all the steps in Spanish to the girl I was teaching was a challenging feat. But, our Spanish teacher was sitting on shore happily answering any questions we had…


Added by Taylor Cote on December 31, 2010 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

Staying in Pucon

Our last location in Chile was the ski-like town of Pucon. It is definitely one of my favorite places to be in this beautiful country and is very tourist friendly. It is also very kayaker friendly too. It has two

kayak shops in town-Kayak Pucon and Kayak Chile. They both have a plethora of

boats for you to rent. Pucon at this time has so many rivers running like the

Trancura, Palguin, and Maichin for example. Pucon also has other fun things for

you to do…


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The Upper Palguin

One of my favorite rivers we paddle while in Chile is the Upper Palguin. It is about a class 3-4 run. This run is full of waterfalls and boofs galore. You hike in about a quarter mile and cross over a landbridge.

Then you’ll seal launch into the gorge. It is definitely a lot colder when

you’re in it so dress accordingly. Before the first drop is a big eddy for your

whole group to fit into. There is also a place to get out on the right if you

would like…


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Playing Around With the Go Pro

So I got a Go Pro for Christmas. Luckily I've been cleared by the doctor to paddle, and it's time to gather up some good footage. I'm taking everything slow at first, but I couldn't resist testing out the camera on the water. So here's my first kayaking edit using the Go Pro. Nothing fancy or impressive, but let me know what you think:



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Project X can do it all!

I don't think it's a secret that everyone on the Wave Sport team is really excited about the new Project X. It's super loose, releases off of the water with ease, loops huge and is surprisingly stable and smooth on end. For a boat that is only 5'11" long I was shocked at how well it cartwheeled, much easier than any other short boat I've paddled. Even though it has more volume than the Project 52 it's easier to initiate cartwheels because of the slicy side wall and more retentive because of…


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Getting Ready for High Water


With 1 to 2 feet of snow expected in the Cascade Range Monday and Tuesday, we're expecting quite the melt sometime next week. Get ready for some high water in the Northwest…


Added by Kim Becker (Russell) on December 27, 2010 at 1:08pm — 1 Comment

Locals Only Trailer Online

The Official Trailer for my upcoming movie Locals Only is online! Huge thanks to Wave Sport for coming on board as one of the main sponsors for the video which will be released Spring 2011. 



Happy Holidays!




Added by Kelsey Thompson on December 23, 2010 at 1:47am — 1 Comment

Hagen Gorge in Southern Washington

Had a great day of paddling yesterday with Adam Elliott and Bryon Dorr. First sunny day in weeks!


The level was a little bit low, but still a super fun day. Hagen Gorge flows into the Washougal River which is just outside Portland, on the Washington side of the Columbia. The Washougal was running near 2000CFS. I'd like tohead back and run the same section when the Washoulgal is at maybe... 4000CFS. Here are photos of Euphoria and Crack in the Earth, the two largest…


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1st Descent Waihi Stream, NZ's sickest

Waihi Stream is a Kayaker's dream, a 1km stretch of whitewater that drops 100m's over smooth Papa (A soft, clay like rock found in abundance on NZ's east coast), with road acess put-in and take-out. Josh Neilson and Matt Danes had scouted this Jem a couple years back and have been waiting for a rain event big enough to over-flow the dam at the put-in.

I had arrived in New Zealand the day before and as always the boys were fired up to see another familar face back in…


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How To: Tune up your Forward Stroke

The forward stroke is essential to paddling. While its the first thing you learn kayaking, it's the last thing you should stop working on years down the road.

A few years ago I developed tendonitis in both my elbows to the point where I…

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CURRENTS - Episode 8 - Thailand

This past August I joined, Louise Urwin, Josh Neilson and Toni George for an incredible adventure thorough Thailand. Our primary goal was to search out and paddle new & old whitewater runs and hidden waterfalls of this jungle paradise, while completely imersing ourselves in the rich culture. However, my trip had a secondary purpose.

While there I was lucky enought to meet with Ply Pirom a 'Toxic Compaign Manager' for Green Peace, who informed me of a very serious problem… Continue

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End of the season (maybe)!

This past rain storm could be the last of the season. The temperature is now in the 20's and the snow keeps on falling. If it is the end of the season it ended on a good note with my home creek the West Branch of the Deerfield River and the Metawee River in NY with great friends.

I had a great 2010 of kayaking! Did my first overnighter in CA, turned 30, had my 5 year wedding anniversary (love…


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