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Playin' Hooky

I remember growing up when the weather was nice on a summer day, or my dad had just about enough of work, he would come home early and would tell my brother and I to pack up our fishing gear and go spend the afternoon with us fishing on Lake Erie. This was when I learned the term "playin'…


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Season in the pyrenees


Short edit of the sps of pringtime in spain running some ones of the best rivers on our country with the boys of pallars riders.

-check it out : pallarsriders.blogspot.com.es

-Recorded with: Eos 60D & Gopro 3


-Albert aixas

-Aleix salvat

-Ian Salvat

Edit by: Aleix salvat

sponsored by : Descens kayak, Wave sport,…


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PASTA- perfect for peel outs and eddy turns!

I use the acronym PASTA to teach peel outs and eddy turns.  If you have ever caught yourself, I know I have, on the eddy line or fence, instead of zooming across it, PASTA might help.  I first learned this from my ACA instructor, Nate Ostis. I think PASTA while paddling, and I review it with paddlers before asking them to working on peel outs and eddy turns on the river. We did some fun dry land training at Girls on the Gorge this year. Dry land instruction allows for students to absorb the…


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New School Mobius vs. Old School Amp- have you paddled both?

Who has paddled the Mobius? Who has paddled the Amp? Who has paddled both? Here's a great video highlighted the new school Mobius. http://wavesport.de/teamblog/video-alan-ward-mobius-promo-video-2013-11-06

I had the pleasure of surfing with Bryan Kirk in the Mobius while I rocked the old school Amp on Couch Wave on the Salmon River in Idaho. The Mobius sure looks sharp! Thanks…

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Video update

August has been an awesome month. Lot's of great paddling and hanging out with family and friends. I've spent most of the month on Lake Ontario and paddling at Hole Brothers.

I split my Labor Day weekend sailing with Jeff and paddling. I went to Beaver Fest to paddle Moshier Falls with a bunch of great friends and Team Z. It's such a fun run that only releases one day a year so it's a big deal and lot's of boaters show up.  I was excited to see so many boaters paddling in…


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Canada Cup / Pre-World's Freestyle Kayak Event

     This past Labor Day Weekend I had the opportunity to compete at the Canada Cup / Pre- World's and  the Canadian Team Trials event. The levels were perfect for Garb after much help from the Ontario Hydro and Quebec Hydro companies who held water back to ensure a great competition. After a fun and tight competition  I have earned myself a spot once again on the Canadian Team in Junior Mens finishing third in the competition and second for the Canadian Team . This was a goal I had set out…


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The North Of Sweden -Skalmodal

The Northern Paddling Continues

After catching some playboating on the local feature the road trip was on! I had a few drops on my Sweden hit list that I had to check out. With a solid flow I headed on a short drive from Kittelfjall to catch the Skalmodal and a super scenic…


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The North Of Sweden -Hidden Wave

Stennäs –The Hidden Wave

The whitewater goods of Northern Sweden once again provided some quality action. Only a select few paddlers in Scandinavia have heard about the elusive ‘hidden wave’ in the north and even more difficult is knowing when the wave is running and for how long it might stay.…


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My year in a nutshell...

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sometimes shoulder rehabilitation goes well, while other times it's completely and utterly depressing, and feels like you've fallen off the face of the Earth. Maybe not completely, but mostly……


Added by Kim Russell (previously Becker) on August 19, 2014 at 1:15am — 1 Comment

Taming the Lizard Brain, Part I - The Uphill Battle

We spent the majority of our summer traveling, presenting and teaching through our Tributaries Tour, presented by Wave Sport Kayaks. It has been an absolute treat for us to get back out on the road and meet new communities of paddlers, present ideas, but more importantly listen to their ideas and adapt our practices. …


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Moving Up and Getting Down: a Case for Different Boats and Different Sizes

It’s no secret: I love my Diesel 60. Seriously, I’ve spent so much time in that boat, I feel like I think what I want it to do and it responds. It was the boat I learned to roll in and remains my go-to craft any time I’m hopping on something new, namely because I know how to move it better than anything else I paddle. When I found out I was going to be getting in a creek boat for the first time when we headed down to Chile, I was reluctant to hop in something that…


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The North of Sweden

After spending some time over the past few years in Sweden I think it is due time that I start to give hype to the amazing paddling Sweden has to offer. I am not sure what it is but the northern parts seem to draw me in with the potential of exploration and quality whitewater that is…


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Initial Thoughts on AT's Advanced Series Paddles


Adventure Technology (AT) have always been known amongst whitewater kayakers for producing some of the best paddles that…

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Fun times in July

July has been a busy month with events and traveling.  It kicked off with the Deerfield River Fest in MA.  I set up a booth for Wave Sport right next to the NRS booth which was run by Blake.  We had lots of visitors just chilling out in our booths and Kenny brought cake so it was a good night!  Confluence Outdoors donated a couple boats for the Silent Auction.  Maui Jim, KEEN, Accent Paddles, and Zoar Outdoor all donated to American Whitewater for the Silent Auction.  Even I donated a free…


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Kings River Celebrations: part 1

The natural flow kayaking season in California this year was comparatively short, but as always the goods are good if you can get them.  Of the local day runs, highlights for me included North Feather (Tobin section), the elusive Gay Wave on the Main American, South Yuba (Purdon's to Bridgeport), three runs on the Golden Gate section of the South American, two runs on South Silver Creek, and a run on the Silver Fork of the American.  A few rivers were in for good long windows, but some did…


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Epic European Summer Paddling

Freestyle kayaking has impacted my life in so many ways! I get to compete in an amazing sport, make friends, and travel the world. The summer started off traveling with some of my best friends to Colorado to compete in the Go Pro Games and Fibark, then it was off to Europe to compete in the 2014 ICF World Cup Series…


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GRAND PRIX –The Time Trials Experience.

Keeping the momentum of the Whitewater Grand Prix going and entertaining the creeking aspect of the whitewater world, we found ourselves in the town of Shawinigan. It was time for the Extreme Race Time Trial stage. In true WWGP fashion we arrived to an intense looking slide waterfall combo…


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How to Survive Norway

Whether you have been to Norway or not, you will either know or have heard about how incredible it is, so there’s not much point in me telling you that. Rather, I feel it is better to sum up my trip through a series of hints and photos which will give you some idea of what we got up to, as well as helping you to make the most out of your own trip.…


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GROWING PAINS - Wave Sport presents the Tributaries Tour

Good, original, ideas can be hard to come by. Getting them to actually work can be nothing short of a miracle... Or so we have come to find out. (Short attention span? Skip to the bottom to check out free clinics offered by Wave Sport Kayaks and…


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Sunshine in Sesia

Italian paddling is famed for that perfect combination of food, drink, sunshine and whitewater, so when I got the chance to spend a week in Valsesia at the beginning of June, I couldn’t resist.

The first day got off to a pretty sluggish start. Having all got a little…


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