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How the Mobius got me to switch playboats after 10 years in the ZG

   Surfing on the Main Stem of the American this spring in my ZG 54. Can't wait to catch this rare wave in my Mobius 65.  Photo: Kevin Weddle

    I love my ZG.  I bought one before I ever sat in one because I could tell from looking at the lines that I would love the feel and style of the boat.  When…


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I Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie!

I like big boats and I cannot lie...

Did you like that play on words? I thought it was cheeky and fun, but the truth is that I really have come to appreciate a large boat as a small paddler. This realization came totally by accident,…


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Forging Paddling Fitness in the Offseason

Photo courtesy Scott Waidelich. Ohane Falls. 

With the boating “offseason” readily upon us, I use this time of year to reflect on my season as well as preparing for the next. The last few years I have spent the offseason addressing how I can improve my kayak specific…


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Wave Sport UK Factory Tour

After a busy summer of raft guiding and being up north of the country I finally got a chance to head down South to pick up fellow team member George Younger, after his season kayaking in Peru. Whilst spending a few days there I got to see some parts of the country I haven't visited before.

On route back to Nottingham we took a trip into the Wave Sport UK headquarters which gave myself and George a chance to visit some of the staff that make everything click…


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2014 Competition Year


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Gauley Flow

     Well, here is to my 17th Gauley Season!  It honestly feels like I just got off the Upper G 17 years ago at 15 years old filled with the accomplishment of my first year of paddling and expectation of the runs to follow.  And every year it always provides the goods.  Running a smooth 2800 cfs from the lake above, the water pours through the endless stream of boulders.  The water bends and twists with powerful seams of current that grab throwing you from feature to feature.  Splat rocks…


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Back to Chile

Hace 12 días que partimos hacia Chile con mi hermano  Ian. Solo llegar ya nos fuimos directo hacia el Cajon del Maipo 1 hora hacia el norte de chile, nos estuvimos alojando en Cascada de las animas Donde pudimos remar todos los días con los chiquillos del Cajon y después de pasar 5 buenos días remando en ese alucinante río decidimos empezar a bajar hacia el sur, paramos en el claro  donde lo pudimos remar todo, tres días seguidos (cazuela del diablo, 22 saltos, garganta del diablo, 7 tazas)…


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A Great Fall Day on the Potomac

This October I was based around the DC/MD/VA area with my fiance Courtney during her away rotation at GWU's pathology dept. Luckily, Great Falls happened to be just up the road.

I put together a little edit showing the MD and VA lines in the…


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Why do we take chances? Revisiting the beast, YULE CREEK!

Looking down at Ball and Wall…


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Go Kayaking Around the World without Going Crazy

Heading out of the country with your favorite whitewater toys for an international adventure can be daunting, stressful, and downright exhausting. As we embark on our second trip to Chile this winter, I’m using a layover to reflect on some tips and tricks that have made our travels with lots of gear and a bit of uncertainty wildly fun and gratifying. …


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Upper Trout Creek, WA

We are lucky as paddlers to live in the Columbia River Gorge. During the rainy season,…


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October Rain

The season is slowly coming to an end for me.  We are back in VT full time now and doing some house and yard work before winter is here.  The good news is we should have enough wood to keep us warm! The winter toys are ready to be busted out and played with.  We should have another month or so of paddling before the winter season kicks in.  It’s been another great year and can’t wait for next! 

Here’s a video and photos from this past week of paddling in VT with my Recon…


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Kings River Celebrations, Part II- photos

Here are photos to complement Kings River Celebrations: part 1, which took place in early June on the North Fork of the Kings.  This stretch is a wilderness hike-in run above the reservoirs which de-water most of the river's length.  I pirated these photos from the Janney brothers who made up half of…


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Ignore Your Better Judgement

In the rush to paddle in increasingly exotic locations, sometimes the British classics can be easily overlooked. …


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Northern Sweden -Trollforsen

Trollfors, Sweden.


Trollforsen is a section of whitewater on the Piteälven (Pite River), which is one of Sweden’s largest river basins. It is located in the Norrland region just outside the bigger city of Arvidsjaur in the north. It has become a well know section for…


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Wave Sport + kids= Super Fun

2014 has been a fantastic year for teaching kids to paddle here in Idaho! Here are a few of my favorite photos from Dare to Kayak.  Thank you Wave Sport for making it possible for kids to have high quality kayaks, just there size, for my Dare to Kayak program.

Sharing is Caring- these two took turns sharing the…


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The North of Sweden -Stekkenjokk

The next river on my ‘Hit List’ was the Sweden gem Stekkenjokk aka. Gausta. This is the one creek that is the must paddle for all creekers heading to Sweden. If you haven’t considered heading to Sweden to paddle….you should now consider!

The Gausta flows from the highlands…


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Resumen of the season in Europe

This season was one of the most complete i have in a long time, we start paddling on the catalan pyrenees (upper noguera, Palomeras…) with low level of water and cold days, but its good for start the springtime.

Here i leave this short edit paddling the Palomeras river with the boys.

Palomeras with the Boys from…


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How to Back Stab

I love the backstab but I have a habit of neglecting this trick.  I tend to land a trick backwards and will spin myself forward right away.  When I do that I yell at myself to do a damn backstab you moron!  It’s a bad habit that I’m breaking. It really is a sweet trick and when you do it right it’s such an awesome feeling.  

Definition of the Back Stab (back blunt)

180 degree rotation around the stern of the boat, elevated more…


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Taming the Lizard Brain, Part II - "Owning It"

We spent the majority of our summer traveling, presenting and teaching through our Tributaries Tour, presented by Wave Sport Kayaks. It has been an absolute treat for us to get back out on the road and meet new communities of paddlers, present ideas, but…


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