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Video: Introducing the Wave Sport Project X (Full HD Quality Video)

Gauley Fest is just hours away, and the 2011 Wave Sport Project X playboat is on its way up to take on West Virginia's finest.

Get ramped up with the first view of the full Wave Sport Project X video, featuring Bryan Kirk showing off the full capabilities of this beast. Then join us at Gauley, hit the water, and see it for yourself. We'll have 3 Project X's all over the river both days.

Video by Project X boat designer Robert Peerson.

Oh… Continue

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CURRENTS - Episode 6 - The Kimberley, Australia

This past winter I was fortunate enough to join an international group of 11 paddlers, to complete a 22 day expedition down Australia's largest river system, the Fitzroy River and its main tributaries. The Goal of our trip was to explore and document this regions vast and secluded beauty, rich cultural heritage and environment importance. Our hope is that by showcasing this areas values and the problems that are threatening it we will be able to create some awareness, and in turn gain… Continue

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Breaking in the Project X - Action Pics

A few more pictures to get everyone pumped up for Gauley Fest and the launch of the newest (and next champion) playboat to hit the market - the Wave Sport Project X.…


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The Grand Canyon of the Stikine

Ready for battle

What can you say about the Stikine ? I am not talented enough with words to describe that place, it is simply…


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See the Project X on Hungry Mother Rapid at Gauley!

Bryan Kirk, Team Wave Sport, and the Project X will be all over the Gauley this weekend. In addition to Gomer's Hole / Geek Wave, the Project X will be showing off its freestyle prowess on the Bat Wave/Hungry Mother playspots.

From Bryan Kirk - "Bat Wave/Hungry Mother - After Pillow rapid, these 2 playspots are real close together. Bat wave is a small, fun wavehole for loops. Hungry mother is a very sticky hole for all the hole moves, but can be a little munchy. Very…

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First Descents in Thailand

Tyler Fox First Descent of Haew Suwat Falls, Thailand - Photo Josh Neilson

One of the biggest appeals of going to Thailand, for myself, was the fact that not much was really known about paddling there. Several crews of paddlers have ventured here in the past, but there seemed to be so much more whitewater to discover. And one of my big drives for this season was to get out into these “unknown” areas and do… Continue

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Watch the Wave Sport Project X Teaser Video!

Check out the first teaser video of the new Wave Sport Project X playboat.

And don't miss Gauley Fest this week and see it for yourself, where the Project X will be all over the river in its public debut. If you can't make it, be sure to check back here for event… Continue

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Thailand's Mae Sa River

Tyler Fox on the Mae Sa River in Thailand - Photo Toni George

The Mae Sa River is a quality stretch of white water within 30 min’s of the city limits of Chiang Mai. The put in is located at the Queens Botanical Garden and is literally on the side of the road, so much so, that it is more reminiscent of a ditch then a river. However, the river quickly veers away from the road and starts it descent.… Continue

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Gauley Raffle Win Any Wave Sport Boat You Want. ANY Boat.

Wave Sport will be holding our annual Gauley Fest Raffle on Saturday night to benefit American Whitewater. This year, though, we'll be giving away a Wave Sport boat like every year....but you'll have the option to get your hands on the new Project X when it's released as well.

Check back for more details as we move closer.

This could be you :-) Unless you can't do that… Continue

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Gauley Project X Discussion 1 - Gomer's Hole

The 2011 Project X from Wave Sport will be hanging out at Gauley Fest next week for its public unveiling, and we'll be releasing information throughout the week to get everyone pumped about the festival and the new boat.

One place you'll find Team Wave Sport and the Project X will be Gomer's Hole / Geek Wave. It's two surf spots - one is a blasting hole you can spin and roundhouse in. The main hole gives up really big loops, blunts, and more..and… Continue

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Another School Year Has Begun!

Your hear the grumbling of the big yellow school buses a never dying symbol of school and know you don’t ride on one of those. Ohhh no, you ride in a much more prestigious, the New River Academy van! The “Huge” logo

stamped on the side and all the stinky kayaking students you can imagine.

Everyone talking about how sick their blunt or airscrew was on the Ottawa that

day. But, this is only the beginning of our…


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Beaver River NY

What a great weekend at the Beaver River in NY. The Beaver has three sections to it Taylorville (III/IV), Moshier (IV/V) and Eagle (V). Taylorville and Eagle have a few scheduled releases during the fall but Moshier has one release a year and it's the day before Labor Day. It's too bad it doesn't run more because it's such a fun run! It starts with two really fun waterfalls then some boogy water and then Moshier Falls. The falls is a longer rapid that has four drops. It's really easy to…


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Well, my season has officially winded down at the ol' concrete ditch in Charlotte, better known as the US National Whitewater Center. But not before going out with a bang of course. August 28th we held the first ever Pro-Am event that benefited FIRST DESCENTS, a camp designed for cancer patients/survivors. The event was organized by close friends Jason and Samantha Miller. They have been pretty…

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Project X to Debut at Gauley

Wave Sport Project X getting public unveiling at Gauley Fest 2010. Check back here for more information on how you can see it in action on the water.

Coming Soon.

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Goddard Canyon 1D

Photo: Jason Stingl

In July, Tommy Norton, Jason Stingl and I ran a first descent on the Headwaters of the South San Joaquin, a section called Goddard Canyon. Story and photos- click the link!…


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