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Getting ready for finals at Worlds


Today I am competing in the finals for the World Championships in freestyle. I have been in 13th place for prelims, 10th for quarter finals, and now going in to finals in 5th place. You can watch the video of my ride that got me in to finals Quarter Finals Ride. I am super excited to be competing in finals since this is my first worlds. Please get the full …


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Spring/Summer Photo Update.....looky here!

Since the spring has hit it has been a busy paddling season, and it continues to be so now into summer. Between working on the river plus the great fortune of…

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Worlds for freestyle kayaking.








After a busy month of competing at the Buena Vista Pro Rodeo, then heading straight to Teva Mountain Games, and then hopping on a flight to Germany. For the past 2 weeks I have been in Germany training my booty off. When I first got here the water was at a great level and then dropped to a shallow and flushly level and now after a couple days of rain the river is getting huge and the feature is changing more…


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Overcoming Nerves

The author at Wishbone Falls


The Little White Salmon River has one of the most notorious reputations on the West Coast. It's hearty class V, and it's been known to hand out its fair share of beatdowns and swims to some of the best paddlers in the world.…


Added by Kim Russell (previously Becker) on June 16, 2011 at 11:55pm — 3 Comments

Lyons Outdoor Games

The last stop on the tour for us was Lyons. The Lyons Outdoor Games is probably the most mellow event you can attend. Unfortunately I got sick which sucked but I'm getting better now. Anyway, you camp right in the park where the playspot is and there is lots of grass (Brook was very happy)! There is never any rushing around at this event so it makes it a nice weekend. The weather was warm which was nice and the water level was medium on the St. Vrain. The South St. Vrain creek was crankin and I… Continue

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Global Wierding

That's what the Sacramento Bee referred to the weather pattern that dropped rain and snow throughout the Sierra's this past week.  It looks clear enough outside to say (without jinxing it) that Summer has finally arrived!


That said, a review of some new rivers that I ran this past winter can be found at:




I have gotten into South Branch and…


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Teva Mountain Games and video of the composite Wave Sport Project X!

The Teva Mountain Games has come and gone again. It was a great time of competing and hanging out. Maui Jim was a sponsor of the event so I got to meet a bunch of people from the Maui Jim family. They have been a great sponsor for me so it was cool to see them there.


The freestyle comp was on Friday and I made it to semi- finals on Saturday but didn't make it into finals and tied for 6th place. Emily took first, Ruth, and Haley. Saturday morning I entered the downriver race…


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Madison Wave is Awesome...

Like the title says Madison Wave is Awesome, and so is the new Wavesport Project X. To understand more about what this wave means to boaters in Maine go to the following link:…


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Green River and BV

After surfing Riverdale Wave Haley and I headed to Green River, WY for one of the USACK point series events. The hole was pretty good when we got there but the level rose and the main feature washed out and we paddled a wave/hole behind the main feature for the competition. It was a pretty tricky spot so the rides didn't last long and the scores not so high. Water levels can't be controlled but the town of Green River, WY put on a great event. They treated the athletes like kings and queens.… Continue

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CKS Paddlefest Wrap-up and BV Pro Rodeo Results


CKS Paddlefest is a three-day event located at Colorado Kayak Supply of Buena Vista Colorado. The main event is a huge sale and gear swap at the store where athletes and rep's are available to the general public for assistance in purchasing the latest, greatest equipment. This year, AT's Lila Marie Thomas, and Chuck Morris were on hand to answer questions.



Added by Kim Russell (previously Becker) on June 1, 2011 at 12:06pm — No Comments

Break from revision!

Hi Guys,

Recently I have had AS exams so been stuck inside revising so I was looking forward to a paddling weekend away! Last Saturday was the second event of the British Championship League at the Tryweryn so there was no chance of a lie in as I wanted to be on the water for 9:30ish to get some practice in the top hole. Leaving the house at 6 we began the 3 hour drive up to North Wales. Arriving to find the car park in some rare sunshine we quickly got changed into paddling kit and…


Added by Josh Wedgwood on June 1, 2011 at 5:49am — 2 Comments

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