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June has been busy, I've been working lots and any free time has been spent creeking with Kelsey Thompson as he films for his upcoming movie Locals Only. In the past couple of weeks we have paddled the Big Horn twice, Johnston's Canyon, Red Earth, the Elbow, Etherington Creek, Whatshan, St.Leon, Kuskunax, Pingston Creek and Sutherland Falls. All the good footage of me is being saved for the movie but here is some of the extra stuff I've picked up while playing around with the GoPro, it gives… Continue

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Chubby Wave Great Falls, MT

We left CO and headed to MT driving through Yellowstone National Park. We saw a bunch of Buffalo, Elk, and Mountain Goats. I really wanted to see a Grizzly Bear but glad we didn't there was a man killed by one while we where there.

We got to Missoula where the Team Trials are being held and got some practice in on Brennan's Wave. Our buddy Craig called us up on Friday night and told us about…


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West Side

I been in Western Canada for a few weeks now and it started off as a bit of a shock to the system. Leaving the Ottawa Valley where temps reached as high as 38°C I arrived in Calgary greeted with snow and a temperature of -1°C. Although it did warm up right away the weather has persisted to be less than desirable barely breaking into the double digits with lots of fresh snow in the higher elevation mountain ranges... in some cases there have been reports of a larger snow pack now than there…

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A New Meca for whitewater !!

Getting to the goods in the Saguenay can take a bit of work. Photo – Tyler Fox

The Saguenay Area is slowly but surely becoming a Whitewater Meca and it is easy to see why, for instance, just look

at its heart the city of Chicoutimi. There…


Added by Tyler Fox on June 23, 2010 at 5:59pm — 1 Comment

Washington has the goods!

Kim dropping into Double Drop in the Diesel 80

(Photo Copyright: Robin Carleton)

Freshly graduated from the University of Oregon, I am off to the Columbia Gorge for the next year or so for some quality paddling before grad school.

I know the Green Truss has been seen in virtually every paddling magazine and online forum,… Continue

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Chicoutimi's Greatest - The Valin River

Nothing better then a solid crew of Friends – Photo Tyler Fox

Chicoutimi is a thriving city located in the heart of the Saguenay Region. It has been our paddling destination for the past two spring seasons, while here in Quebec, for a couple reasons;…


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Teva Mountain Games and Lyons Outdoor Games

I'm a little late on this one but we've been traveling from place to place so it's been a little tough to get an update in. The Teva Games this year was pretty insane. This was my 3rd year at the games and the weather is usually cold and rainy. This year the weather was hot and the water level came up pretty high on Gore Creek.

I made it to semi-finals and was fired up about…


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Lyons Outdoor Games - Steep Creek Race

The South St. Vrain Creek race was quit a unique one for 2010. First, sweltering weather spiked all the CO creeks. Then it rained for 4 days straight, bringing the Narrows race course up to a level that no one wanted any part of. Luckily, the section just upstream of the Narrows was still not too high, although it was pretty pushy. After the 1st run of the course the organizers, safety crew, and some of the racers decided to call it a day because of the burly flows and cold… Continue

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Gilman Gorge, CO video and pictures

Week before Teva games I got a phone call from the boss of Timberline tours in Colorado that they are looking for a safety kayaker for this summer. Chance of getting paid, being able to kayak every day doesnt come every day so I said “Yes, of course!”

These days I kayak every day. Safety kayaking for rafting trips in the morning and…


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Stakeout is over, Norway Lives on

So Stakeout is now over. As I sit on the train in Norway I have time to think back. In total 8 swims, 4 broken paddles and endless good times with the boys. Our group this year was: Myself, Rush Sturges, Patrick Camblin, Rudy Rampage, Benny Marr, Dylan and Max Davidson, Joel Kawalski, Eric Boomer and the Dutchie Caspre Van Klamthout. A solid crew to say the leist. This year was a little different from previouse Stakeout…


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Helmet cam video of swim and rescue on Barrel Springs

Well, I went boating with Andy Maser, Adam Mills Elliott and friends last week in Colorado. Here's video from Barrel Springs rapid on the Colorado river. It's a pretty amazing rapid at high water, but if you flip and get your paddle ripped out of your hands as Adam did, you might swim.

This video is all real time from the beginning of the rapid to end of rescue.

After we paddled the run we got a talking to from the Department of Transportation. It… Continue

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Great Paddling from Montreal to Saguenay

Tyler plugging deep ... on the Batiscan River - Photo Dave Crerar

While driving from Ottawa towards the Saguenay area, we were lucky enough to catch some good water levels on a few of the classic runs found along the way. We actually left a full week earlier then we had planned so we could catch dropping water levels on one of my favorite rivers the…


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Buena Vista Pro Rodeo

I picked up Taylor Cote at the Grand Junction Airport and we headed to Buena Vista. The Arkansas River was low when we got there and paddled in the top hole for a couple of days. As the level came up the top hole got pretty sticky and the 4 other features started to come in. All the features there are really fun especially the new wave they built. The comp was held in the new feature. It was a steep and fast wave with 2…


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Teva Mountain Games 2010

Teva mountain games kicked off on Thursday with Steep creek championships on the Homestake creek. 55 best kayakers from all over the world come every year to show their skills on manky class V whitewater. In the first run I was 9th, so I tried really hard in second run. Unfortunatelly, at the bottom section I lost few seconds not being on the fastest line. That meant 11th place overall. Sam Sutton from New Zealand won the race.…


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Oh Be Joyful Creek Video

Well, it's already June and the melt has started in Colorado so, I met up with Bryan Kirk, Andy Maser, Todd Baker and Adam Elliot and headed to Crested Butte for a run on Oh Be Joyful creek. Oh Be was at a perfect level, getting better as the snow melted in the afternoon.

Check out the video:… Continue

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Tanya Faux Takes #1 at Vail Steep Creek Race

Today Tanya Faux had an 8 second lead over the rest of the 14 women after her 1st run, relieving pressure for her second run. The overall ranking is based on a combination of both runs, so consistency was key up on Homestake Creek, the infamously gnarly run outside of Minturn and Red Cliff, Colorado. Props to Tanya for paddling her Habitat 74 to 1st place and securing the $2000 prize!

I placed 15th out of a field of 50 men, with a spin out in my 1st run then a nice clean…

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Congratulations to our delegates!

Congratulations to Maxwell Posner, Hannah Shapiro, Marijo Bosiljevac, Samuel Obstfeld and Sam Gammage on being chosen to represent Paddlesports Nation at the Outdoor Nation Youth Summit in NYC

June 19-20!

This group of paddlesports leaders will join more than 500 other young outdoors enthusiasts at the Summit to champion an active, outdoor lifestyle for our youth. Direct youth involvement and empowerment is

the key to successfully engaging and inspiring the next…


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