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2013 Season Video

I had a great 2013 season of paddling and competing.  I went to Slovenia to compete in the WildWater Sprint World Championships and competed in the Freestyle World Championships in NC in K1 and squirt boating.  Competing in two World Championships in the same year was pretty awesome!  Hopefully, I can do it again in 2015.


Winter is here and we have about 20 inches of snow so far.  Spring kayaking is looking good at this rate! I'm back to work at Timber Creek Cross Country in…


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2013 Race Season In Colorado

Crushing dreams, or offering a kayak hug? 8 Ball Kayak Race!, Chris Baer, vail, go pro games, mountain games


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Gauley Season Come and Gone

Gauley Season has come and gone and I was fortunate to head up from North Carolina for a week and what a good week it was!

The Gauley River is so good looking forward to going back!


I had the opportunity to film with my good friend Tommy Penick on my last day there enjoy!



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The Silverback Race

The Silverback Race

We Got Some Sweet T-shirts For Racing!



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2013 World Championships

As the season is slowing I have had the opportunity to reflect on one of the more enjoyable portions of my season. My season was very stress free and I was able to focus on getting back to my paddling roots of playboating on the Ottawa River. My main goal for the season was to enjoy my time…


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Kayak Film Making 101

Over the past few years I've transitioned from kayaking professionally to shooting video professionally. I started shooting video on the river as a way to analyze my technique and improve my paddling. I soon developed a genuine love for the filmmaking process and found myself as excited about shooting my friends paddling as I was to do it myself... that was the same point my paddling skills plateaued! I'm now fortunate enough to make a living primarily shooting paddling and thought I'd share…


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2013 Tallulah Teaser in a C1 Mobius

2013 Tallulah Teaser from Tad Dennis on Vimeo.

2013 Tallulah Teaser C-1 Helmet GoPro 3+. I was testing out the Superview setting, but it makes everything look way smaller. Basically it films in 4:3 and squishes it to 16:9, so you can see more, but it makes the drop look a lot…


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2013 Green Race - Tad Dennis


Well, the 2013 Green Race did not go as planned for me, but as always, still an amazingly fun and painful race.  For me, the painful part started about a week before the race when I found out that I had shingles.


I actually thought that I had poison ivy at sign of the first symptoms.  I had never had poison ivy before, so I just tried not to touch it.  I…


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Recon 83 or 93 ??? A Comparison

When WS first announced the Recon series, I was keen to see what design features were worked into the new boat, but immediately fired-up about the 93 gallon size.  I loved paddling the Habitat 80 all-around, and especially on creeks.  The main design update I was hoping for was a more lifted nose for gliding away from the base of pour-overs and punching through holes.  I figured an extra 13 gallons of volume would do the trick.  (For frame of reference, I weigh around 185 lbs... anyone will…


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Green Race 2013

 The Green race has been and probably will be one of the most highly regarded extreme races in kayaking. Located near Saluda North Carolina the Green falls into that category of rivers that has and will continue to produce amazing kayakers. Entering its 18th year The Green Race has grows and continues to grow year after year. This year with 156 racers and over a thousand spectators it is by far one of the greatest shows on earth.


 The weeks leading up to the Green…


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2013 Retrospective, PHOTO DUMP, Part III!!!!!

The third and final photo dump. See here for the previous photos.

Field chilling, SF Salmon, ID. Photo: Jonathan Ehlinger…


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2013 Retrospective


Kayaking is an amazing thing. I have always thought of it as the king of sports, but lately I have come to think of it as so much more than sport. Kayaking takes us to the most amazing of places with the most amazing of people, so much so, that the experience itself seems to transcend into something more than the sum of its parts. Everything about kayaking gathers in memory making our internal retrospective on this silly activity transform into something so beautiful that, at times,…


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2013 Retrospective, PHOTO DUMP!!!

Click Here To Link to the Original Post

Here are more pics that were just too rad to fit in the first post. 

Making things happen in Tumwater Canyon, Wenatchee River, WA. Paddler: Jonathan…


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2013 Season in Review

As the rivers get colder and I start to look towards my winter sports, it's hard to forget the amazing memories that were made over this past year. I have met people who are incredibly passionate about what they do and who have taken me in like family. This year I have improved more that I ever could have imagined with the help of some new friends and some old ones too. My parents deserve more of a thank you than I could ever express, but I hope the smile on my face everytime I get in my…


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Surgery: a mental game: How To Recover from a Labral Repair

On Monday, I will be celebrating my one month anniversary of my shoulder surgery. While a difficult decision to make, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, as we were able to catch things before my shoulder exploded, so to speak. 

Down the road, my shoulder should be…


Added by Kim Becker (Russell) on November 7, 2013 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Back in VT

I haven't been paddling that much this fall mostly because we haven't had much rain.  What I have been doing is a lot of house work.  We spend so much time traveling in the spring and summer that fall is a time where we get a lot of stuff done around the house. 

I was able to run a new river the North Branch Piscataquog during the fall draw down.  It's this cute little scenic class II/III run in NH.  I paddled the Ethos nine which was the perfect boat for the 7 mile windy,…


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Weekend at the beach

Este pasado fin de semana  decidimos cambiar de aires y ir a pasarlo en la playa  junto a mi hermano y Aran.

El viernes a las 9 de la tarde cargamos nuestros kayaks, ropa , comida... y nos pusimos rumbo a Anglet una pequeña ciudad de Francia situada en los pirineos Atlánticos, llegamos sobre las dos de la madrugada y nos pusimos a dormir. A la mañana siguiente nos despertamos a las 6 de la madrugada y hicimos una buena sesión  asta las 12 del medio día, comimos un poco y otra vez a el…


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What I like about the Möbius 49

I just paddled the new Möbius 49 for the first time this weekend at the NOC hole and the various waves at the USNWC, and so far I am loving it! Here are my descriptions of how it performs tricks:

Looping: With a much shorter length and an extra gallon of volume, my loops were much bigger and they came around snappier than in the Project X. I also landed my first back loop!

Phonics Monkeys: Phonics monkeys were much easier to initiate and complete than in my Project…


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Mobius 57 UK arrival and first thoughts part 1


Today my Mobius 57 finally arrived in the UK. We have had lots of rain over the last week and a half meaning that our main Whitewater course Holme Pierrepont Nottingham has been closed due to flooding. For the last week I have been planning the arrival of my Mobius and praying that levels stay friendly.

Levels were good and Newark weir has been running for a few days, Newark weir is a series of waves formed over a weir producing a very shallow wave approx. 2in deep…


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First Impressions of the Mobius 49

Hey everyone!

I've had my Mobius for about a month now and I'm really enjoying the features of boat. At only thirty pounds and 5'6" it's really easy to throw around so I'm really glad that I went with the Small/49 gal. Before I got the Mobius, I had trouble initiating my edges for flat-water moves. With the Mobius, the edges are right where you need them and well defined so you can easily get up on the stern and bow to practice your moves on flat-water. The small size…


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