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How to Splitwheel

The splitwheel is another one of my favorite tricks to do in a hole. It's a bit harder to learn than the cartwheel since you have to change direction mid trick while keeping the boat vertical.  The best part is once you learn how to splitwheel you can start linking splitwheels to cartwheels, splitwheels to loops, splitwheel to splitwheel and other really fun tricks.  After you learn how to splitwheel you can work on the Tricky Whu, oh, that's a tough one!


Definition of the…


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Initial thoughts on the Mobius 57

I normally paddle the Project X 64, so the Mobius 57 is a much smaller boat then I am used to paddling.  I am 5’11” 190lbs, so I am at the top end of the weight range for it, but I wanted a boat that would be easier to throw around at certain features here in Maine. 


I picked up the new boat on Monday, drooled over it the rest of the night and decided I needed to test it out as soon as possible.  I then made the 1.5 hour drive to Old Town, ME after work to check out the…


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Worlds traning video in the Mobius 49.




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My Worlds Story

The Trip

After I got back from the WildWater World Championships in Slovenia it was time for me to transition from WildWater training to freestyle training.  I went back and forth from home in VT to upstate NY training on the Black River.  There was plenty of rain this summer so most of my training was done at high water Hole Brothers which was "fun", since it was a wave, but not really "ideal", since the World Championships was being held in a hole. 

I left NY…


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How To: Kim Becker’s Top Notch Torso Tricks:

Kim Becker paddling the Wave Sport Recon 70 (Photo Heather Herbeck)

As whitewater paddlers, our torso’s are our powerhouses. It’s where we get our “oomph” to boof, sweep, and forward paddle our way through the biggest and even smallest of rapids. …


Added by Kim Becker (Russell) on September 13, 2013 at 12:40pm — No Comments

Video - Every River, Everywhere: N.F San Joaquin

Here is a great video put together by Adrian Kiernan from our adventures into the Ansel Adams Wilderness area of California's High Sierras. A truly beautiful place with a classic river running through it, the North Fork of the San Joaquin. 

Check it out!…


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ICF Freestyle C-1 Record High Score in a Carbon Mobius

Tad Dennis' Semi Final Ride at the 2013 ICF World Championships. Taken at the Nantahala River in Bryson City, NC. This is the highest score recorded in a C-1 at an ICF competition. Scored at 1086 points. Tad is using a Carbon Wave Sport Mobius, Galasport paddle and helmet, and Bomber Gear dry top and skirt.

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World Championships... Days 7 to 11

It has began! On Monday at the opening ceremony the ICF Canoe Freestyle World Championships were officially opened.

The last few days in pictures...



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World Championships... Days 4 to 6

Wrote this a few days ago but only just got round to posting...

Since my last blog post there have been lots of changes here at NOC… you can definitely tell there is a World Championships on the way! The stands, or bleachers as they are called over here, have been erected, lights for the night time semi-finals have arrived and tents have been put up everywhere to designate the different athlete zones. A massive banner stretching across the wall next to the feature has also be put up,…


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World Freestyle Championships... Days 1 to 3

As with many great kayaking trips; the journey begins at stupid o’clock in a UK airport with an overweight boat and an argument with the check in assistant over why they shouldn’t charge you an extra $100 for taking a paddle. Why all the stress? The 2013 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships of course!…


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Dialing in the Mobius 6 days from Worlds (with video)

Ive been getting more and more comfortable in the Mobius 57 as we just slipped into the 'Team Training" phase from now until Worlds. The US Team has been training together for an hour slot for the past couple days and it's really brought us all together to support one another and exchange tips like a big family.

A couple weekends ago we had our US Nationals, which was a perfect way of getting back into the groove of competing again. My last comp was way back in June at Fibark…


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First Impressions of the Recon

This past weekend I got to paddle the Recon 83 on the Dryway; a class III/IV section in Northwestern Mass. I was pleasantly surprised by many of the features of the boat on more challenging whitewater. I had taken it on an easier section many times before, but I never got to experience its boofing capability as well as the boost the domed stern gives when charging those bigger holes. I hardly lost any speed or felt unsteady even when I clipped one of the largest holes on the section, and…


Added by Katelyn Green on August 26, 2013 at 3:54pm — 2 Comments

Portraits: Creek Boater

We all day dream about the things we love.  In this video from Kelsey Thompson's Series, Portraits, Team Wave Sport's Kim Becker day dreams about her favorite thing - kayaking.  Featuring the Recon 70.



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North Fork of the San Joaquin


“Looking back on the trip, and all the rapids we paddled, the unbelievable landscapes we were lucky enough to travel through, the amazing group of people on the water with us and the perfect water levels provided to us by Mother Nature, I would have to say this…


Added by Tyler Fox on August 19, 2013 at 6:52pm — 2 Comments

Selway River Self-Support

The "Wild and Scenic" Selway River, flows 47 miles through the heart of the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness to the confluence with the Lochsa River near Lowell, Idaho. From the put-in at Paradise, to the Race Creek take-out, the river drops an average of 28 fpm, featuring class III-V rapids such as…


Added by Kim Becker (Russell) on August 16, 2013 at 2:57pm — No Comments

Mobius in action!

Hello everyone,

I have been lucky enough to paddle all the prototypes of the Mobius over the past year watching it become one of the most unique boats I have ever paddled.  The first prototype was faster on a wave than any playboat I have ever surfed and looped huge but not so user friendly.  I wish I had some video of us surfing version 1, we went equally huge on our tricks and wipe-outs.  Totally creased.  Hans, the designer, tweaked the design over the past year with the help of…


Added by Shane Groves on August 16, 2013 at 1:13pm — 1 Comment

MOBIUS -amazing.

Hey there everyone.

Just wanted to drop a post about the new Mobius. 

I received mine a week ago and have had the chance to paddle it for a few days, get it outfitted, and put the first few scratches in it.

In case you haven't yet seen the carbon beauties of this amazing new…


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How to Cartwheel

The cartwheel is one of my favorite tricks to do in a hole. The cartwheel will improve your edge control immensely making lots of tricks on waves and holes easier.  IMOP the loop is easier to learn than the cartwheel so don't get discouraged, in time you will get it sorted out. 


Definition of the cartwheel:


Two consecutive ends in the same rotational direction and both ends at a vertical angle between 45 and 100 degrees.


Here's my way of…


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Paddling the Pyrenees

SBP and friends paddle all the classics and more on the Spanish and French Pyrenees during the best, highest, wettest season ever! Watch them drop in and get wet in the Pyrenees.


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Running the BÆSJ of life.

A long journey to Norway and a week at the Ekstremsportveko in Voss and finally getting my kayaking that was lost in the travel from the states. A series of unexpected events lead me to being dropped off at a house where I knew…

Added by Haley Mills on August 1, 2013 at 12:00pm — No Comments

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