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The Progression of Paddling - A View From The Past

Just the other day I got my hands on a copy of Rage All Day, a paddling movie that Trip Jennings produced in high school. I've grown up in an age where playboats are under 6 feet and loops are the norm. So it's interesting to see how different paddling was not all that long ago.

Enjoy the old school footage of Trip Jennings and Bryan Kirk on the James as well as other local rivers. Visit my site for more thoughts on Rage All Day.

Part I

Part II

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Thanks for uploading this John - it just made my day!
no problem, I'm glad you liked it!

Bryan Kirk said:
Thanks for uploading this John - it just made my day!
mate if we had water down under like these every day what fun we could have thanks for your films
lol, Bryan, is there any chance the blue For Play you are paddling at about 2:41 in part 1 and around 4:56 on part 2 is the same one I bought from you 10 or 11 years ago?? 
It definitely is the same boat! I only owned one...
ROFL, Thats awesome, my 17 yr old son is learning to surf in it, he's gonna freak! I rescued it from a friend who had it sitting in his garage for about 8 yrs :D
That's cool! I have wondered from time to time where my old boats ended up. That's great it's still being paddled and enjoyed after all these years!

I think he's outgrown it already. He's looking for a used Project X, if you want to sell us another boat ;) He's pushing 6'3" so I'm guessing he's a little big for any of your old boats now, lol. Do you think he'd fit ok in a 64? It's plenty of volume, he's 180 to 190 lbs. Problem is he's all legs...


He's definatly hooked on Wave Sport (as am I) :D


Ahh... I love those days. I first met Bryan Kirk at tarrifville CT when he was paddling a percetion amp. We were about the same age. He stuck around town during the rodeo staying at my friend mikes place just down the street. I was always amased by his fluid paddling and how smooth he looked in the hole. He was also so humble for his ability and a very gracious guy. He became quite the favorite amongst the locals in those days, and I think he won the pro division a few differant times.. It's glad to see Bryan is still at the top of his game, and also take a good look at the past. Those days were fun :)

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