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I've ordered my first playboat ever, going with the project X 64 (hopefully the new ice color), I'm 6'3, 230lbs, size 13 shoe and a 34" inseam. I need a little reassuring from you tall folks that I can fit in it. The dealor says it should be great, but you know how that goes. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much


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I'm 6'0 190 33" inseam size 12 shoe I paddle the x56 I fit great in the boat. I had some issues with the boats seat support foam that prompted a replacement boat from wave sport it has been a month and half my new boat is supposed to be here this week. 
You will fit nicely demoed a project x 64 im 6 foot 215 size 12 shoes and there is plenty of room you will not be disappointed

Scott-- What size project did you end up ordering? Hope you are enjoying some play out there!


Kim R.

I ordered a Project X 64, I got the color I wanted and it's suppose to be build by Dec 7th, so hopefully it will arrive this month. We finally got some rain, and my Diesel 80 is going to get a work out this weekend. 

Woop Woop! Enjoy the Diesel! Post some photos if you get the chance!

Well, the build date that was the 7th was moved to the 12th, so my boat is suppose to exist! (or so I'm told). Wavesport boat builders please make this one an extra good one, because I suck at kayaking and need all the help I can get. :)

Last update is the boat exists and is in Wavesport's shipping department... getting closer :)

Finally Here.


Hey Scott,

How's the boat been for you? I'm sure if you're in any way like me when it comes to a play boat it is an endless process of  outfitting. I have some tips for you if you need any and you can also check this article out as well... Outfitting for tall people, Mikkel, let us know how it's going!


Can't answer that Chris, dislocated my shoulder in my Diesel 80 three weeks ago on a creek and can't paddle any whitewater for another couple weeks. I was lucky, I'm healing quickly and everything's going good, Right now just concentrating on getting it back to full speed and looking forward to paddling again soon. This time I'm putting more emphasis on better paddle technique, and not letting this happen again, it hurts too darn bad lol, and missing 4 or 5 weeks of paddling sux even worse.

Thanks for the like about outfitting, I have to find some way to make my feet comfortable.

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