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Hi i just got a project 45, and i realized that there weren't any float  bags in it. Was i supposed to get float bags from the store, buy them seperatley, or do i not need them? This is the first playboat I've paddled so i wasn't sure. - Any advice would be great!

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HI Ben,

Congrats on your Project 45 purchase!

Typically, float bags do not come with any new whitewater boat. Whether to get a pair, and use them, that it up to you.

They are helpful because If you swim and your boat fills up with water, it will float rather than sink to the deep dark depths of the river bottom. It is rare that a boat actually sinks, but it can happen. In addition, float bags displace a ton of water, reduces the overall amount of water that actually fills the boat on a swim. This makes it way easier for your friends to rescue.

The main reason I've heard people say they don't like to use float bags it strictly in places where if you swim, they want to stay in their boat. As expected, a boat with float bags will have its stern float higher that the bow when its filled with water. For the rare few who prefer to stay in their boat while its full of water and paddle it to shore, its harder to paddle with the stern floating higher than the bow. Without float bags they can paddle the boat to shore quicker and easier.

Long story short, float bags make your friends happier and make it less likely you will lose your boat to the river bottom. Harmony sells some great float bags that come in either silver or GOLD :)


For a playboat, use the "Rodeo Stern Bags". They are shorter than your standard float bag and accomodate the shorter stern. I would recommend buying a pair (2).

Hope this answers your questions,

Thanks Kim!! I will probably buy a pair see how i prefer it, and i do see how it can be better and worse to have them in. I guess i'll just have to figure it out myself! - Ben

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